A Deep Mystery: KeePXOUT’s Sudden, Unexplained Demise

Something or another prompted me to look up KeePXOUT the other day. Maybe it was a reference to visual kei, or a photo, I don’t know. But an amazing thing, something that I was yet to experience, happened instead.

Look at the official Twitter. Or the company’s. Or the staff account. Nothing for well over a month now, and not a single notice as to a farewell live, graduation, spontaneous human combustion, anything. Instagram? Deleted. Website? Doesn’t exist. One of the members has disappeared from Twitter completely (or, rather, that account did), and the other has moved well beyond the group (and loves cats!). It’s like walking through an idol ghost town.

Being the intrepid not-journalist that I am, I decided to look into this.

I first tried the official staff account, via DM, and got no reply. Not even a “declined to comment,” just “did not reply to emails” except via Twitter.

There are obviously no reasons to think that an abandoned official account would still in any way be monitored, so I took the silence as a sign that I wasn’t going to hear anything there no matter how long I waited, for whatever reason, and thought I’d try the remaining member who’s still active on Twitter, Hikaru.

In the meantime, Gru! and I chatted about the matter, equally mystified as to this completely unexplained disappearance. I point this out because it’s one thing for a me to be totally in the dark about stuff, but usually you all include a person or two who actually knows what’s happening and is able to share some details. There were none in this case!

Fortunately, it didn’t take Hikaru long to reply; unfortunately:

And at the ass crack of dawn, too

Hikaru, thank you very much, but I am still no closer to knowing what’s up. Yes, I suppose that I could ask her for details, given that she replied in English, but KeePXOUT and the members had always been friendly and communicative in the past (not to brag, but THEY KNOW ME), so not offering that information feels deliberate (can’t/isn’t supposed to say, can manage some English but not much, whatever have you). I won’t press her.

I am, however, nonetheless continuously very damn interested in this story. Idol disbandments are usually a big deal, even when they’re messy-ass divorces, because you’d usually want to milk whatever money out of your fans that you still can. This is totally weird to me.

2 thoughts on “A Deep Mystery: KeePXOUT’s Sudden, Unexplained Demise

  1. Actually, Riho (before she deleted her account) ‘left’ the group in a brief message, citing that she partly didn’t want to keep up with ‘keePXOUT’, and I think creative differences? (Or some other rather generic excuse) Other then that, it’s really sad that they’ve disbanded more or less. I was really looking forward to hearing more of their music.

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