A Cure for What Ails You

Finally a workable pun!

Hot from the Osaka underground comes Cure (web), who have of late been kind of buzzing through the idolverse:

I was going to totally source this out to either Idol 2.0 or Pure Idol Heart, who I’m pretty sure started banging this drum a few weeks ago, but I can’t find what I first saw, so trust me.

Anyway, they’re normally a trio but have a sick member, so they’re currently performing as a duo and holding auditions. They’ve also been together since 2013, which leads me to believe that they decided that the time was right to come crawling out from under some dive’s stage (where they live, like trolls*) and throw their hats into the ring as bona fide rock idols.

Here’s some fan video:

I was going to say “I’ll keep an eye on them,” but it seems that everybody is, so: Expect to hear more soonish.


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