A Brief Celebration of One of the Year’s Best Releases

It’s been a while since Homicidols Dot Com was like the super-timeliest thing in idol. That’s okay! Frankly, the Content(TM) is usually better nowadays, what with adequate time to digest the source and have more nuanced reactions than “aw gee ain’t idol swell!” But this is new territory, I think, for the release I’m referring to is both officially like a month old but also itself pretty much a year in the making even at that time, and basically only happens/ed that way because of a great personal disappointment in the Idolverse.

I refer of course to the demise of MELT MUSIC, which at the time legitimately felt like a crime unto the nations, but definitely wasn’t a total wash — Julie’s doing great things, at least (of course she is), and here we are with … yes, watch the live clip to get an understanding of the awesome energy at play:

Okay? Okay. But there’s an album to listen to. Click through. Go to the OTOTOY page. Listen to the clips. Then buy the thing. Download. Listen constantly. And then I’ll watch gamely as you fail to make any kind of convincing case that it’s not one of the very best things you’ve heard out of idol this year, a contention so obviously bereft of honesty or honor that I will simply laugh in your lying face and tell you to get back to it, which you will do because you were really just waiting for an excuse. THAT’S HOW GOOD THIS RECORD IS.

It’s their first and last and only album. The group was done over a year a ago, and unless I missed something this hasn’t hit the streamers yet, so this makes for one of the best posthumous releases since Biggie (shut up). I was in the middle of my first disappearing act at the time, so I didn’t even notice. May this doubly-late celebration of the record and the unsung group behind it be adequate recompense for my failures!