Inside the Homicidol Mind: This Pikarin Interview Has the Best Title Ever

It’s slow out there, gang; there isn’t even all that much live stuff happening. It’ll pick up again soon! In the meantime, I happen to share the belief that downtime is the best time, because it’s when you can dive deeper into subject matter than you’d usually have time to, and so I’ve been looking […]

The B-side Is the Best Side: BiSH’s ‘NO THANK YOU’

I’ve extolled the virtues of B-sides before, and the reasons why are pretty simple: While the A-side of any single is the big seller, the accompanying track/s will, by nature, be something either a little bit different (to show a different look) or there to please the fans, or even an early version of a […]

Homicidols Best of the Year (so far)

We are one third of the way through the Homicidols calendar year (which runs December through November for REASONS) so we thought it was time to make note of the songs, albums and MVs that we’ve had on repeat for the last four months.  When I say “We,” I mean Team Homicidols and the denizens […]

Your Homicidols Best of 2022

We did it! It took longer than usual this year but there was a LOT going on. In the end, you, as the Homicidols community: Survived the year (a very important step there) Sorted through more alt, indie and chika idol media than ever to nominate your favorites of 2022 (not an easy task), and […]

VOTE HERE!! Your Homicidols Best of 2022 Ballot

After twelve months of watching, streaming, celebrating and grieving all that the world of alternative and underground idol can throw at us, the readers and writers of Homicidols have nominated what we feel could compete for being the best and most compelling artists, acts and moments of 2022. It is now time to vote for […]

Team Homicidols Best of the Year, 2022

Tis the season you’ve all been waiting for! The end of the year. Another one for the books. While you all have nominated and will soon be voting mercilessly on who deserves to be hailed as the number 1 in each category for 2022 (and take home a lovely photoshopped illustration as trophy), Team Homicidols […]

It’s Time To Nominate Your Best Of 2022

You thought we forgot about the annual best-of vote? Of course not. Granted, it’s coming much later than it normally would, due to the last few months being incredibly busy for everyone on Team Homicidols as of late. Not to mention the sheer chaos that the idol world has thrown at us. Which is why […]

Reader’s Best: Apfelcracker, Eric and FKP’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Welcome to November, and the home stretch of the Reader’s Best series featuring our first triple-shot of top ten lists. That means that this installment features 30 tracks of idol fire curated by Apfelracker, Eric Sutherland and FKP. There are a lot of affinities between this trio (and a lot of Oyasumi Hologram) and their picks […]

Reader’s Best: Richard’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Welcome to the 20th entry in our Reader’s Best series. We’re in the home stretch now. Thank you again to everyone who participated. Way back in the beginning I mentioned how the submissions ran the gamut, from entries with descriptions as simple as, “This tune slays!” up to songs lists accompanied by essays complete with […]

Reader’s Best: Ash’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

We’ve had a lot of big news dropping lately and the potential blog posts are backing up around here. Still, I don’t want anything to get in the way of the next entry in our Readers Best series if, for no other reason, than we want to make sure we get through everybody’s submissions before […]