ELECTRIC HEARTS and scramble scratch Really Really Really Hate Corona…

It’s been a while a since we last checked in on SHINDENTSU PRODUCTION, home agency of ELECTRIC HEARTS, the idols who broke onto the scene with paper bags on their heads and punk-pop songs in their hearts, and the now defunct scribble scritch, who might be gone, but left the world one very perfect pop […]


It pleases me to be joining the Team Homicidols ELECTRIC HEARTS Hype Train, a mere couple of months since the last time one of us got all doe-eyed about the gnarliest set of punk rock idols out of Osaka since the last most exciting thing to come out of that city’s incomparable scene, which honestly […]

More ELECTRIC HEARTS Than You Can Shake A Paper Bag At!

ELECTRIC HEARTS, the purveyors of “FANTASTIC PUNK IDOL FROM OSAKA” are rapidly finding a place in our hearts with their speedy lo-fi punk rock and cheeky style. Chris first brought them up last month and they instantly earned a place on Team Homicidols’ radar as a group to watch. It’s an interesting strategy to attempt […]

Electric Hearts have Bags of Attitude!

Will you just look at this!  Proper 70s style girl punk idols – with paper bags on their heads?! 0

Your Team Homicidols Best Of 2020

You didn’t think we were going to let 2020 slip away without giving ourselves a chance to go off about our own personal Best Ofs, did you? No, friend, this annual ordeal may have begun with my commenting on community picks, but nowadays we have ourselves a proper Team post on top of the community. […]

Your Homicidols Weekender #194

Good morning! Allow me to preface this Weekender by saying that it’s effectively the anti-Weekender; if I created this this 194 weeks ago as a way to give some recognition to more throwaway idol content, or to at least make mention of things we couldn’t get to, this week’s edition is a gross perversion of […]

Your Homicidols Weekender #185

Happy weekend my friends! I see #stayhome restrictions have loosened many places,  but I’m still writing from isolation so the weekends still blur into all the rest of the days. I also haven’t been able to manage any shipments form Japan for the last couple of months but, lucky for all of us, the artists […]

The Artists

Homicidols’ Top Ten (by Number of Blog Posts) Yukueshirezutsurezure (aka: Not Secured, Loose Ends) NECRONOMIDOL BiSH BiS BABYMETAL Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da PassCode Guso Drop / BURST GIRL Gang Parade (see also: GO TO THE BEDS, PARADISES; formerly: POP, Plastic 2 Mercy) You’ll Melt More – # – A – B – C – […]

Your Homicidols Weekender #164

Good morning! Sweet holy crap, what a week in idol. New releases! Final lives! Lots of live action because now’s a great time to schedule things! It hasn’t all been great stuff, obviously, but it’s certainly a … highly typical way(?) to start the new year. Did you have a good New Year’s Eve? I […]

The Team Homicidols Best of 2019

I hope you all got a good kick out of seeing the community’s Best of 2019 yesterday — now we get extremely heavy-handed and drop the absolute knowledge bombs that are the Team Homicidols picks, which is way more interesting than when I used to just rag on you all. As you have no doubt […]