Weekend Livestream Spotlight: FAREWELL MY, L.u.v, GARUDA, LiLii Kaona, BRATS + Broken By The Scream

Congratulations on surviving a particularly heinous week. The weekend is almost here and well deserved! Of course, making plans has gotten a bit more complicated.  You may have noticed, but the latest chika idol trend has been to announce livestreaming details the day of, if not mere hours before, the live start time.  We will […]

Weekend Livestream Spotlight: RAY, ZOMBIE POWDER, Broken By the Scream and Codomomental School Festival

So, last weekend was bit nuts, eh? Bouncing between livestreams of Tokyo Idol Festival and Hanako-san was enough to inflict a case of extreme emotional whiplash  along with the severe sleep deprivation. Still, it was all worth it.  And now that we’ve finally recovered, it’s time to do it all over again. One week out […]

Broken By The Scream Are Here to Blow the Doors Off of Monday

I have very little to add to this post, so count yourselves lucky. It all speaks for itself! Broken By The Scream, no doubt extremely bored for the past few months, decided to just rip off the band-aid this morning and step to the future. First, new MV: I had no idea how much my […]

We Interview Idols: Broken By the Scream

Broken By the Scream is one of the most unique, talented and loud acts in alternative idol and, over this past Labor Day weekend, Saboten Con played host to their U.S. debut in Phoenix, Arizona.  Although harsh vocals in chika idol have been normalized over the past few years, most groups still only use death […]

Broken By the Scream Breaks the States

Broken By the Scream made their debut performance on U.S. shores this past Friday night at Saboten Con in Phoenix and it was spectacular. Ayame, Yae, Io and Kagura brought a ton of energy to the Arizona desert and left it all onstage. The vocals were appropriately brutal and angelic in turn, the choreography crisp […]

Broken By the Scream Drop New MV and Album Release Date in Lead Up to U.S. Debut

Broken By the Scream will set foot on American soil for the first time in just under three weeks unleashing their kawaii-meets-deathcore stylings on a live crowd at Saboten Con in Phoenix, Arizona.  Because the one thing hype needs is more hype, BBTS also dropped a couple of  bombshells over the weekend: 【最新MV「アイハキミノモノ」公開!!】PS4『お姉チャンバラORIGIN』テーマソング「アイハキミノモノ」Full Ver.を公開!! https://t.co/sUtoPBm4jp […]

Broken By The Scream: Proof That Idols Can Melt Faces and Put Them Back Together Again

Well if this wasn’t a hell of a thing to wake up to, and by “this” I mean the message from Kerrie that said (I’m paraphrasing) “zomg Maniac new MV from BBTS I think that only a person of your stature and grace can write about that.” This is a good thought! That kind of […]

PSA: Here Are Broken By The Scream’s Lyrics, Translated

This isn’t exactly new news, but to hell with it, there are bound to be some people in the next little while who are like, aw jeez, what’s this Broken By The Scream thing all about, and then they’ll look up some stuff on YouTube and have their faces melted off; subsequent to their faces […]

This Broken By The Scream Live Video? Perfect for Christmas

And let us bring this extravaganza of loosely coordinated narratives about how I suddenly seem to have a completely different day to enjoy peace and quiet after the day when I wanted to have peace and quiet only for it to be heavily (and unexpectedly!) idoled up to a close. In exchange for my forbearance, […]

Now It’s Broken By The Scream’s Turn to Come Stateside

Prepare your ears, your families, your adult diapers, your pets and your very ability to exist on this plane of existence, friends. Yes, let’s not bury the lede — idol scream queens Broken By The Scream are coming to the USA, they’re not coming alone, and it’s gonna be awesome. The venue? Saboten Con, who […]