50 YMM MVs Day 7: Aardvarks

Hey there Meltyiacs! (Oh, we’re not using that has a fan name? Umm, how about “More!rons”? Okay, okay, we’ll talk about it later…)

Yeah, so we’re seven days into our 50 YMM Days Project! That’s like a whole week! That brings us this delightful song with the easy to remember title OO”.  (Pronounced as “Oh-Oh”) There’s a lot going here that I think is open to interpretation, so let’s get right to it and check this out…

So once again we’ve got another MV without any members of YOU’LL MELT MORE! in it! The notion of leaving out the group in what’s essentially a promotional video is pretty bold. It’s gotta be a testament of faith in Yumerumo’s quality musical output that one would be willing to use this an opportunity to create a short film instead of taking a much more conventional route. If you know the song is good, then why not?

And what the heck are those masks of? Although they never actually eat any ants in this MV, I’m going with aardvarks, but I’m definitely open to other opinions on this, so by means, tell me what you think they are if you’ve got a different idea!

Thematically speaking, we have a classic anteater-meets-the-lady-anteater of his dreams story here. He doesn’t even know her name, but he buys a flower to offer her and gives chase. I’m going to have to grant though that his pursuit of the lady Orycteropodidae is maybe a little stalkerish. Even she seems a little weirded out, and goes so far as to hide from the dude.   But naturally, it all seems to work out as night falls and these two myrmecophagous lovebirds finally meet.

Another nifty thing happens in this MV at the 5:10 point, the backwards walking special effects seen their Day 2 MV “Mokoyou Attitude” returns! When I noticed this, I checked back and realized that at least five of YLMM’s MVs have been directed by a fellow named Dan Cervi, a cinematographer who lives in Japan. His IMDB doesn’t have much info about his other works, but he also provided cinematography on a short horror film called “Transmission”. So keep an eye out for that name because maybe one day you can say you were a fan of his early work!

And with this song, I think the group really hit their stride and delivered what is a quintessentially perfect YLMM! song. The beats, the chorus, the tempo of the tune are all just perfect and encompass all my favorite things about them. It’s a real gem and they delivered on it.  We’re approaching their golden era soon!

BONUS VIDEO! Here’s a 360 video of “OO” performed live! (In 4K quality!) Move your mouse around and pretend you’re on the stage with YLMM! It’s just like being there!!!


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    • “Moosery”!!!! I don’t think I ever connected that! Well that solves that, thank you for clarifying! I still sort of want them to be aardvarks though. 😀

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