50 YMM MVs Day 6: Muted

Turn your speakers up for this one, and not just because it’s an ace tune, but because it seems to have been uploaded with the audio at about a quarter of the volume of the rest of their songs.  This is annoying when watching a playlist of YMM! songs but what can we do?

That’s Ikiro!! which translates as “Live!!”,  as in “exist” rather than as in a performance.  Released to promote their debut album, Unforgettable Final Odyssey a.k.a. UFO, it’s a veritable anthem, fully deserving of its two exclamation marks.  Sure, they’re not doing anything particularly experimental, or edgy, or “alt” here; it’s just a great four-and-a-half minute pop tune but it’s the kind of song that for me exemplifies the core of You’ll Melt More!’s oeuvre.  Some people see them as a group that sometimes does “interesting” songs but also frustratingly does “normal” songs.  But those who love them know that YMM! are simply all about great tunes like this one and sometimes they’ll present those tunes in a straight-forward manner and sometimes they’ll effortlessly latch on to novel genres and twisty rhythms – whatever feels right.

Then again, what other idol pop songs feature the group dressed as dissonant American new-wave rockers Devo?

American rock band Devo

Seems YMM can never really do “straight-forward” after all!