50 YMM MVs Day 37: Madchester

I have this mental image of  YOU’LL MELT MORE! and their staff sitting around a big round table with a turntable and giant stack of records, taking turns putting things on and spending time as a collective to listen to everything. With each new spin, they explore and consider genres that they have and haven’t tried musically yet…

“Hey, how about the Specials?”  “Well, we’ve played around with ska just a little already, but we’ll keep it in mind.. Maybe we’ll revisit a two-tone thing later.”  (Spoiler: They Do.) 

“Never Mind the Bollocks?”  “Arrgh that’s so obvious, let WACK have that one..

“Hope I don’t regret this, but what about the Grateful Dead?”  “Hmmm, y’know, a hippie thing might be fun, but can we get a little cooler than that?”

Then Chiffon reaches across the table, picks up a record, checks out the bright, vivid cover intrigued. It sparks a memory of YMM!’s bi-weekly movie night at Kechon‘s place….

“Hey, remember that one film we watched…. I think it was called “24 Hour Party People”?”

“THAT’S IT! Hallelujah!!!” 

And so YOU’LL MELT MORE! recorded the “Hippy Mondays” EP….. and became the first (and I’m pretty sure the only) idols to pay tribute to a brilliant but short-lived era of music born out of Manchester that promised to build an exciting new world of multi-cultural togetherness, but was ultimately doomed to implode under the weight of it’s own drug-fueled, self-destructive hedonism…

Pills n’ Thrills and Oddball Idols: Happy Mondays Influence You”ll Melt More!

Sandwiched between a feel-good pop-tune and an easy-flowing Hip-Hop number, the track “Yasumou” was the designated “Madchester” track on Hippy Mondays, and they nailed the vibe beautifully! It’s totally the lost baggy track from a Factory Records outtake where a group of hipster girls broke into the studio and borrowed Happy Monday‘s equipment for a quick one-off jam session. It’s just perfect! And check out the trippy-MV…

The video itself is a fun pastiche of all the classic Manchester tropes, from the trippy psychedelia, fish-eye lenses, and dancing like one can barely stay on their feet as a result of copious consumption of substances not meant to be consumed in bulk quantities. Also, a most-spirited award should go out to Chiffon, who looked like she especially had an absolute blast shooting this thing. You go!

This MV also puts Younapi‘s and Ano‘s rather (as Chris described them) impractical trousers (also seen in the previous MV), into proper context, along with Chiffon and Kechon‘s fashion stylings: You see, the Second Summer of Love had some bloody great music, but the clothes were ahhhhhhhh, well, they were what they were…. (shrug) 

YOU’LL MELT MORE! Wore It Better

Coming up soon! YMM! moves onto new genres, new styles, new hipster album cover references! We’ve got more to go and More Melting to do!!!