50 YMM MVs Day 36: Freedom

Today it’s a You’ll Melt More! track so chilled that Younapi has to literally stand on an ice rink so show you just how chilled it is – Freestyle Zenbu (All Freestyle):

The second MV from the HIPPY MONDAYS EP, it’s a collaboration with rapper DOTAMA, a fellow who collaborates so much, he may as well just keep a “×” affixed to one side of his name.  This was not the first time he had worked with the group as he wrote the lyrics for Mokoyou Attitude, the hip-hop ditty we featured way back on Day 2, but it’s the first time he, or any other vocalist, has recorded with them.  It’s a similarly laid-back track, although this time the girls leave most of the raps to DOTAMA, with lyrics about freedom and doing what you like, and it’s always a pleasure when it comes up on shuffle.

DOTAMA is renowned for his prowess in rap battles but the only battle going on here is between Ano and Younapi for who can don the most impractical pair of trousers.  A battle they will fight again tomorrow, so join us then!