50 YMM MVs Day 35: Annoyances

I was very worried when, in early 2018, You’ll Melt More! announced a best-of album.  For an idol group that had been going as long as they had, this is often a way to wrap up their career.  Maybe to counter that impression, they released an EP of new material on the same day: the HIPPY MONDAYS EP.  Naturally, they made an MV for every song on it and first up is Okoranai de (Don’t Get Mad).

In a variety of scenarios, one of the members is a demon inducing stress by causing a familiar, annoying situation – I know I find it absolutely infuriating when someone cuts in front of me in line or threatens me with a chainsaw.  Another member is an angel who attempts to calm things down using the somewhat novel de-escalation technique of shaking maracas at the aggrieved victims.  This is all a reflection of the title and the lyrics, which are all about not losing your temper and taking a deep breath instead of lashing out.  And it all works out in the end as everyone is happily shaking maracas and scratching on turntables.

So which of these 14 deadly sins are you?  Tag yourself:cutting in line; bad boss; noise pollution; habitual latecomer; clasher; demanding boss; jealousy; grudge about food; intent to murder; misdelivery; burn mark; cheating; drunken frenzy; spoiler

I’m “spoiler” obviously.