50 YMM MVs Day 34: Transit

Today we will see how You’ll Melt More! are so magical, they can even make bagpipes sound tolerable.  Here’s the MV for must go:

Apparently the producer was aiming for religious music here, though I don’t think even the Spanish Inquisition resorted to bagpipes.  Although there is a bit of staring skyward here and there which may signify contemplation of the Almighty, the main theme behind this video seems to be “travel”, presumably in the context of touring their YOUTOPIA album.  Most of the video is shown at high speed to convey a sense of constant movement with scenes quickly shifting between the planes, trains, coaches and cars the group “must go” on and the quick strolls around new towns, with plenty of restaurant dinners including one for Chiffon’s birthday.  Which is on November 18th, incidentally, start shopping now!