50 YMM MVs Day 3: Depression

Give it up for day 3 of our You’ll Melt More barrage! Let’s get right into it:

The video to “Tora yo” (or “A Tiger” if you’re using Spotify and have to deal with the forcibly translated names) is honestly incredibly simple: the girls pretend to play guitar against a matte background.

Of course it’d be a pretty short article if that’s all there was to talk about! The harsh, sugary colours are juxtaposed by the song’s incredibly miserable lyrics. That’s right, if you thought these warm shoegazey riffs were accompanied by equally warm lyrics (we have Carry Loose for that kind of thing now!) you’re mistaken. Tora yo is actually about depression.

The lyrics deal with the miasmic haze of having no direction and living in misery, repeating “I don’t wanna leave my room” 14 times in total. A song for NEETs, the sick, anybody who’s ever woken up with a bloody arm and thought “if this is how life continues to be, i’ll surely go insane”.

This suitably emo ride doesn’t end in complete misery however, the closing lines are about being able to reflect on how you are now in the future which while not a complete beacon of hope, is something to look forward to. Maybe if you can relate, if you keep on keeping on, you’ll feel just as bright as the matte colours surrounding the girls in the video? There’s 47 more songs and videos to talk about, maybe that’s 47 more things to look forward to?