50 YMM MVs Day 2: Backwards

After introducing themselves to the wider world with a music video that didn’t feature the group at all, we finally got to meet the You’ll Melt More! roster in the video for Mokoyou Attitude (Thursday Attitude), the first MV from the January 2014 mini-album Hako Melt More!”, a collaboration with the band Hakoniwa No Shitsunaigaku.

Here we see the younger versions of current (at time of writing) members, Kechon (purple), Chiffon (Red) and Younapi (White and with rare black hair) and those we sadly lost along the way: Ano (Sky Blue), Mone (Pink), Chibo (Guantanamo Orange), Yumikon (Green) and Yuizarasu (Yellow).  All of whom are walking around in a strange gait and doing an absolutely terrible job of lip-syncing to the song while, seemingly through the magic of idol, the people around them walk, skate and cycle backwards – even the birds in the sky are flying in reverse!  How was such an amazing feat accomplished?  Paypal me twenty quid and I’ll tell you the secret.

As for the song, we’ve gone from yesterday’s ten minute krautrock inspired epic to a laid-back rap ditty that puts me in mind of De La Soul (ask your dad); as you will see if you stick with this series, such rapid genre-switching is a You’ll Melt More! hallmark.  Since I don’t speak Japanese, I can only wonder at what “attitude” they are suggesting we adopt on Thursdays, possibly the least interesting day of the week after Tuesdays, but You’ll Melt More! sound good any day of the week!  I really like You’ll Melt More! – can you tell?