Help Bring IDOL NEVER DiES to a Theater Near You!

IDOL NEVER DiES, the crowdfunded indie film about chika idols battling zombies and rival idol units at the end of the world, premiered earlier this spring and has been playing in select theaters around Japan. We’ve been covering the project since it’s inception since the cast is a veritable who’s who of Homicidols including Brazil and Rere (MIGMA SHELTER), Rutakame Run (MELON BATAKE A GOGO), Hachigatsu-chan (ex. Oyasumi Hologram), Younapi  (ex. You’ll Melt More), Kaho Hiniata (HUMAN SPIRAL) and many many more.

The project has now launched a phase two of crowdfunding with the new goal of adding English subtitles to the picture so it can be screened in overseas film festivals.

The current project is just over 50% funded with 23 days to go.  To help bring in more contributions, new benefits have just been added including signed cast member caricatures drawn by DJ, artist and ex-member of You’ll Melt More, Younapi.

As I write this, there are only a few caricatures left (my apologies, but I snagged Run’s). While CAMPFIRE does take Pay Pal, please note that crowdfunding rewards that need to be physically shipped will require a Japanese shipping address. A proxy address like Tenso will work.

If you don’t have a shipping address but still want to support the project, ¥3,000 (~$22 as of today) will get your name in the credits.

So support this project, and bring this zombie movie starring your favorite idols to a theater near you!