Reader’s Best: Suben’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

It’s a Friday edition of Readers Best, this time courtesy of Suben (aka SubenW over on the Homicidols Discord server). Over the course of this series, our readers have proven to be fans of rarefied artists and aficionados of deep album cuts. Each carefully curated list has included at least one surprise or unearthed a new, unheard of gem. Suben continues this trend, but also decided to set a couple records along the way.

Suben’s top ten not only skews more traditional than any other list featured so far, but also contains the first song we’ve seen from the past century. Actually, the track in question’s release date (1984) is probably before most of our readers were even born, so this list isn’t just good music, it’s a time capsule! Let’s go!!

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Reader’s Best: Canaan & antineodeconstructedpostcorewave’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Todays entry in our Reader’s Best series is a good one, courtesy of Canaan and  antineodeconstructedpostcorewave (known as C.anaan and pedro respectively on The Homicidols Discord server). Not only do their twenty, collective selections feature some deep cuts off of some underrated albums, but they also introduce a couple of new artists to the Readers Best series for the first time.  Some of these picks were so far off the beaten path it took me more than twice as long as usual to put this edition together due to the extra time it took to track down all of these songs.

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Top 10 Planck Stars Prankster Moments

With guest contributions from Ellainna.

PLANCK STARS are the name on everyone’s lips lately – they keep going viral! Twice on Tiktok thanks to Rairai stepping on a fan and Kan Nyan spitting watermelon seeds into a fan’s mouth and now, on Twitter, because of their current contest where whoever sells the most tickets to new customers gets a bike! The loser has to do porn (the members are all fine with this). Of course, we here at Homicidols love to expand to new audiences so we’re selling out: Taking advantage of the fact they’re getting clicks so we can get clicks too. As idol bloggers we have always dreamed of writing for not only idol fans, but also for the teenagers with anime profile pictures commenting “step on me mommy” and 38 year old men who still say “amazeballs” and “only in Japan” whenever any act from Japan does anything kind of off-kilter. 

But just who are Plasta? The pranksters from Planck Stars revel in doing… whatever they want! Really, they’re self described bohemian bad kid idols. Of course just saying that isn’t enough, so let us show you too! Here are our Top 10 Planck Stars Prankster Moments!

10. Rairai Leaves Mid Song, Buys a Churro

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Your Homicidols Weekender #306

It was a crazy week on my end, so it’s appropriate that we kick of The Weekender with Tokyo Psychopath. On the idol front, most of the big names in the genre were quiet this week, which was fine because a lot of the smaller groups pushed out great new work that got a chance to shine. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if multiple releases from this week got mentions around Best of the Year time. Is it too early to be thinking about that stuff? Probably not because, Hoy Crap! it’s already October. That also means Idol Halloween is just around the corner. My favorite holiday!!

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, here’s how the past week went:

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