I Recommend the New buGG Single

A certain newly emerged idol project with a particularly evocative name had me thinking about pop punk and idol. Yes again. Like, IRL, I hate pop punk, and I get completely fair crap for this irrational, knee-jerk take. It is what it is! The punk rock I got into as a kid wasn’t Fat Wreck Chords stuff, it was Dischord and Epitaph and let’s not get too deep into that, this is a buGG post, okay. The point is, I usually avoid pop punk unless it’s by idols, in which case the things that usually annoy me about the genre suddenly make a ton of sense. Absolutely perfect marriage.

So enter buGG, and what is oddly their first single:

IT’S PERFECT. I love this song so much. It actually popped up on Spotify a little while ago, but I kept hoping for an MV to show it off properly. It has just the right amount of punk rock to drive its holy-shit-it’s-literally-made-of-cotton-candy idol core, right down to the impossibly catchy chorus. And now we managed to fix your Wednesday morning!

The single is out on April 6. You should get it.

In Which We Ask Ourselves, What the Hell, C-Style?

All right, so now, what is this? Maybe the tenth post in 15 where I could again express puzzlement at the very sudden and surprisingly pervasive infiltration of loudol by hip-hop* influences, perhaps best expressed in this post. Idols who just an album ago were yelling and growling and headbanging during breakdowns are now trying out their rap chops in sometimes surprising soundscapes. Which, fine, tastes change and you gotta change with them. But imagine my surprise when chika loudol long-timers C-Style dropped a new one the other day: Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #226

Good morning! It’s the first day of spring, which means renewal and opportunity and also that I’m going to be digging holes out back to try to fix the drainage problems and contribute to a bee-healthy local environment with new flowering plants. Just great stuff.

I do want to talk about something important, though, because it really seemed to emerge as a theme this week. I’m not directly referring to the hate crime in Atlanta, but you could include it too. It just struck me that there’s been a lot of loss lately, and that while I’m sure that those who are dealing with it hurt deep down — one friend in particular, I know exactly what he’s going through — I also hope that they can see that while the thing lost can be permanent, it doesn’t mean that the action of loss itself is, and that the raw, ragged emotions that come with it can and will smooth out. This is of course extremely relevant to anybody who follows idol; even those of us who consider themselves somewhat immune to the emotional investments can still be thrown for a loop when a particular person or project goes away. Any kind of loss is traumatic to one degree or another, and even the loss that’s more of a relief than anything else, even that loss often brings catharsis in the most literal literary sense with it.

Anyway, if you’re hurting, know that people care about you and about how you feel, and you can and should talk to people about the tough stuff. And if maybe you aren’t there yet, then do things you enjoy. The worst thing that can happen is that maybe you have some laughs for a little while and a lift of the spirit.

/fart joke

Don’t Listen to a Thing This Man Says

Before you do anything else, enjoy new tipToe. even if Brian might post about it later:

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Let’s Discover Some Idols: RIPLIE

Oh man, when was the last time we posted two consecutive Let’s Discovers, especially from two different people? Weird. But this is what happens when the MVs and major announcements (that are worth posting about) and stuff are kind of rare yet. It’s a good thing, you know? New and emerging idols are kind of the lifeblood of this whole goofy scene, what with the constant disbandments and graduations and all. And when we get a debut that feels kind of pre-fab and already likely to drop like a bomb, that’s kind of interesting!

Which brings us to RIPLIE, who first bubbled to notice around these parts when SENANAN (who is producer-san here) made it known that she had this thing started up. Of course people then flocked to see what would happen and when, and the when is “in a week” and the what is pretty much what you’d expect from SENANAN driving an idol unit themed around the consequences of being an always-online blowhard!

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Let’s Discover Some Idols: SIPP (Super iDOL Pops Punk)

Brand new idol unit SIPP have introduced themselves to the world with, “dawn”, a startlingly brilliant debut single and MV. If you aren’t yet quite convinced that 2021 contains promise, here’s some definitive proof:

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Zsasz and Their Zseriouszly Great Album

Clear your schedule, the debut Zsasz album is finally here and it requires you full attention at once. We’re talking album of the year material here, people! With an apt title because we sure don’t know how to pronounce it, say hello to 「⸮」!

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More Compelling Evidence in Your Personal Journey Toward Loving POPPiNG EMO

I will, even at great personal cost*, make more of you people into POPPiNG EMO fans. Like, yeah, maybe you actually secretly all are in fact completely, hopelessly owned by The Other Unit Close to SCRAMBLES and are just really good at hiding it. No! It beggars belief! So maybe then the solution is to simply present more recent evidence and loudly demand through clenched teeth (I’m not mad! You’re mad!) that you will look at it and like it or you won’t get any Jell-O for dessert.

And on that cheery note, I present the latest MV from POPPiNG EMO, as usual released because they feel like it: Continue reading

Sway Emotions Slightly Satisfies

Lo about six weeks ago one of 2020’s single best group debuts — I speak here, of course, of Sway Emotions Slightly, you are capable of working out these context clues — issued us a challenge: retweet the tweet X many times, and you will be progressively awarded. Now me, I’m a glutton, so if a particular personal favorite idol unit tweets out that 300 tweets are necessary to release this new MV, then you’d better damn believe that’s what I’m going for. One could say some things about how long it took to get those 300, but it definitely happened and now here we go with SES’s latest:

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Holy Fucking Shit, Waka

If you’re new around these parts, you may be aware of a BURST GIRL member known as Wakapiku; what you may not be aware of is her long-running other project, Bunily, that … frankly, I’m not sure what Bunily is all by itself. My knowledge of it comes from when she split off from Guso Drop but hadn’t yet joined back up with BURST GIRL (because they didn’t exist!), at which point Bunily had existed in some form or another for literal years, but I’ll be damned if even now I completely understand. It’s like modeling and fashion stuff? Cool. This is a music website, hence why you never heard anything about Bunily from me UNTIL LITERALLY RIGHT THIS MINUTE THIS IS THE FIRST SINGLE FROM BUNILY WOULD YOU LISTEN TO THIS!!!!

Stream it and download it. We absolutely need more music like this.

NEO JAPONISM Is Modern Idol Writ Small

NEO JAPONISM, who absolutely own and really need more love among you blockheads, released their latest album, THE SPIRIT, about six weeks ago. We did the lead single when it dropped, and frankly I thought that was going to be the end of it. But then this morning brought a shining ray of more NEO JAPONISM MV to gawk at, and in doing so I had a thought that hadn’t struck me when listening to the album, but suddenly seemed fairly clear: If Yanakoto Sotto Mute are the perfect modern idols, are NeoJap the most modern idols?

Let’s do that MV:

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