50 YMM MVs Day 32: Stylish

We’ve been at it for more than a month, today is no different.

On the menu today is Nigenai!!, the 32nd MV of You’ll Melt More!

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50 YMM MVs Day 31: Wave

To start this article off, let me inform you that I’m waving hello to you right now and typing with one hand!* It’s not easy, but I believe in diving deep into the themes that these MVs explore!

Today we’ve got YOU’LL MELT MORE! offering a staple music video trope: The conceptual MV where you rely on the general public, and also quasi-celebrity cameos to help create the content that gets edited together into a warm-hearted, feel-good video. Every artist does one eventually! The song is called “Eien no Shunkan”… Let’s give it a look…

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Their Latest Single Is Proof that ayumikurikamaki Were Replaced by Doppelgangers Who You Can Only Tell Aren’t Real by Noticing How They Didn’t Have Enough Fun Programmed into Them

Yeesh, you guys. So despite the perhaps apparent statements to the contrary, I actually listened to a good bit of idol during my hiatus — I just didn’t have the energy or wherewithal to do anything with it, which sucked! But yeah, plenty of listening, and I’ll eventually get around to musing about much more of it as a way of making it seem like I’m not a completely lazy jerk. Today, though, I’m only going to bring up my single most disappointing idol release of the year, and in fact maybe in the last several. Is it the worst? Didn’t say that! Is it bad? That’s subjective, player! But, like, pick for yourself synonyms of “disappointing” and “boring” and “uninspired” and “cash-grab” and you’ll be all set to fill out the Mad-Lib that you’re using to review ayumikurikamaki’s latest single, “”, because that’s all the level of care and concern it deserves. Continue reading

50 YMM MVs Day 30: Heads

Once in a lifetime there’s an idol group that comes along that really captures a wide range of genres, styles, concepts, and moods in a way that seems effortless and perfect.  There are several groups that have attempted this, usually with various results. And while some come off very well, others are simply crosseyed and painless.Others miss the mark entirely, slipping off the map onto a road to nowhere.

But I’m going to declare that bar none, YOU’LL MELT MORE! do it better than anybody, mixing everything from sax and violins and punk rock and bubbly pop in a beautiful stew of incredibly fun music. And with their Talking Hits EP, they offered their  take on new wave, giving us a fresh peek into their wild wild life….

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50 YMM MVs Day 29: Architecture

On October 4, 2017, five years to the day after the original members of You’ll Melt More! met for the first time, they celebrated by releasing the TALKING HITS EP.  They previewed this with the video for A! Sekai wa Hiroi Sugoi (Ah! The World is Amazing).  But is the song amazing?

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50 YMM MVs Day 28: 無 無無 無無無無 無無無無無

At this point we’re definitely committed to seeing this 50 YMM MVs project through, which is great because:

  • We looooove YOU’LL MELT MORE!
  • We want you to looooove YOU’LL MELT MORE! too, so not only is this is a total labor of love, but it’s a mission to save your soul.
  • Revisiting YOU’LL MELT MORE!‘s career has been a lot of fun for the Homicidols crew as a team-building activity and we’ve loooooved doing it.
  • Rewatching these MVs has truly reignited in us the joys of why we  looooove YOU’LL MELT MORE! so much…

On that last bullet, this MV for their song “Music 3, 4-bu de owatchimau yo ne” especially reinvigorated my appreciation for how incredibly great this group is live…

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Let’s Discover Some Idols: TENRIN

It’s comforting to know that idol didn’t miss me one bit; nothing speaks to one’s insignificance as a person quite like realizing that the thing you put a lot of time into can and will endlessly go about its business even if you spontaneously burst into flame and disappear. And I mean it — I’ve been “back” online for like all of a total hour in 2.25 or so days, and I’m already finding out about new groups!

Take TENRIN, who I’m sure have already taken the world by storm and have a Discord just for their filthy gaijin fans, but who I stumbled over about 22 minutes ago while looking at Twitter for any last-minute Weekender items:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #187

Wow, what a week! Maniac’s back, Miss iD got a whole boatload of familiar faces on deck (more on that later, hopefully!) and earlier today my cat managed to catch and eat a butterfly whole! Oh, and all this great stuff too.

PS: The opinions expressed here do not reflect the entire Homicidols writing squad.

It may be a minority opinion, but allow me to emphatically say out loud that BLACKNAZARENE is dumb and boring and you should stop supporting this farce:

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50 YMM MVs Day 27: Supine

Another cut from the Discopsychedlica mini-album today: Eien my boy (Eternal my boy).

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50 YMM MVs Day 26: Delicious

A preface to say that if you have photosensitive epilepsy you probably shouldn’t watch this video.

Have you ever been to a cafe where the service is horrible but because you don’t want to look like an entitled boomer you just grit your teeth and enjoy your food? Well what if the cure for that scenario was hypnosis? You’ll Melt More know what’s up in the video to Moi Moi:

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