Incomprehensible Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Song Titles, Ranked

I was bored yesterday, and I was thinking about the title of the new Zenkimi single, and I thought about how their song titles, even when they probably actually make perfect sense, often look and sound like some combination of gibberish and the results of giving a gaijin one of those live translation apps. In other words, if you let Maniac title songs!

So I went a-digging through Zenkimi’s surprisingly deep discography and pulled out a list. Like all of the ranks, it is neither exhaustive nor even particularly comprehensive, but is merely a ranking of titles relative to one another. Continue reading

And Then There Were Four (Plus Four)

Well that wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped it would be! The Corenament, though, is winding toward its inevitable BIG FINAL SHOWDOWN; while the True Final Four of Winners rest up, the Bad Final Four of Losers have at least one more match. The Survivor Challenge must have no survivors!

The biggest surprise? Maybe the biggest surprise of all, though whether you’d actually be surprised at There There Theres snaking a victory away from their little sisters is really up for debate (and sanity).

Videos return — who’s got the best? Continue reading

Make It a Very Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Kind of Day

Hey! It’s time for the rollout of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s sixth(!) single!

You know how this works. They say “it’s available for two hours” and everybody else says “yeah but HTML” and we all look around because nobody wants to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Continue reading

Oshi Digest #32: Rani

We should all be supporting Oshi! But how! Frankly, I’m not completely sure. I believe that it involves acquiring this magazine, which doe a solo song by Oshi, but is also no longer available via Necroma Bandcamp, so you’re on your own. Nonetheless, because she is the Queen of the Scene, and because she is the actual queen of idol, she deserves the support.

This is why you will vote for her:

And: Continue reading

Can Anybody Best the Corenament’s Final Four?

Wow, that weekend was a slaughter, both in the world of the Corenament and in the NCAA event itself — Sister Jean and Loyola University-Chicago continue to shock the world (divine intervention!), and so do some of our competition. And in the bottom half of the bracket, where losers dwell and try to redeem themselves, it was no less a bloodbath. I am most pleased!

Your Final Four: Kaqriyo Terror Architect (Daemon #2), BiSH (Viz Major #2), Minna no Kodomo-chan (Viz Major #6) and none other than Hanako-san (Rain #12). We’ll let them catch their breath for a few days while we let the LOSER’S BRACKET progress. Continue reading

There There Theres Daycare

It wasn’t going to take long; after they streamed and recorded their live for the single most difficult audience that any idol has ever faced (on a Beni-designed set, no less!), it was inevitable that an MV for the newest There There Theres single, “SOIL”, would be upon us. That “upon us” would mean figurative minutes in the grand sweeping narratives of time, that’s the closest thing to a surprise:

Continue reading

Her Name is SOLEIL

I’d like to strongly urge you readers to do yourselves a favor, and open up Spotify or Apple music and look up the just recently released album “My Name is SOLEIL”

SOLEIL, you see, is a band, but it’s also the name of the band’s lead singer, and together they’ve released an uplifting and exciting album that recalls Shibuya-kei and the 60’s rock genre known in Asia as “Group Sounds”. And if you also love the classic girl-group era and the heyday of French ye-ye pop, well, herein awaits a tasty treat as well. To call this recording pure joy is a trifle bit of an understatement. This is a captivating concoction of nostalgic vibes bursting at the seams with fresh modern energy, it’s just really that good.  Continue reading

233 Ways To Marz – It’s Fumimi’s Birthday!

The storm clouds settled, bringing a sense of spring to the fair isle of Honshu. The salarymen, as is their wont, who wend their way to work whilst watching wacky comedy shows on their portable telecommunications devices, went away. In their stead, the legions of undead sheep that comprise the vast majority in Japan decided to overcrowd the trains because of some flower blooming. You can’t even get stoned from it, so I don’t see the appeal.

On such a day, Hoshina Fumimi’s birthday one-man live was being held. In Marz. My least favourite venue on Earth. Continue reading

The Elite Eight Are Ready for Their Shining Moment, but the Survival Challenge Lurks


As the final results of the Sweet Sixteen are reckoned, The Committee is in furious discussion

DAEMON: This is absolute madness. The fix was clearly in!

CHRIS: But who would do that?

VIZ MAJOR: Honestly, I’m okay with this.

RAIN: You would be!

A punch is thrown

MANIAC: Gentlemen, gentlemen. What evidence do you have that the fix was in?

RAIN: (throwing receipts onto table) These money orders that were sent to some of the referees?

DAEMON: The fact that some jerk calling himself Shallow Face called me to say that he was paying for double points for 2&.

CHRIS: That does explain the large envelope full of money that somebody dropped in front of me the other day.

VIZ: Still okay with this.

MANIAC: I see. Let us soberly consider the implications and ways that we can make this competition more fair, more inclusive and way more weirder.

What a couple of days of action! The Sweet Sixteen did not disappoint. Were there fireworks? There sure were! Were there shocking upsets? Galore! Are the Bosses a little dejected and doing that hangdog thing? You bet! Is anybody satisfied? No human entities!

The Elite Eight have been chosen: Continue reading

Does SPARK SPEAKER’s New EP Presage Things as Good as It Sounds?

At least, as far as the trailer is concerned.

This includes that new song, naturally; refreshingly, I don’t think it’s so much as even the second-best track on the record, if the trailer is going to be any indication. Continue reading