Your Homicidols Weekender #67

Good morning! How is everybody’s weekend so far? I somehow managed to finagle an effective day off for the last meaningful day of Olympic action, which is easily the most exciting personal thing in a while. Here’s a tip, kids: Don’t do DIY unless your personal degree of self-loathing is high enough to blunt the loss of genuine personal life.

I’m going to go enjoy myself, in fact, and you should, too. Play the Fun like you know you should (it’s been an active one!), and, after the Fun, you also really need to go and involve this in your life:

You Mean You Want to Waste Even More of Our Time?

This new one from Niji no Conquistador wants you to believe that it’s badass:

Moar details from the ayumikurikamaki album:

Mizuki graduated from Elfloat, and one big fan managed to capture the whole goodbye MC:

JOANJOAN made this happen:

I was looking for something else random EMPiRE-related, and got trapped here:

Up close and personal with Waka’s tattoos:

Go download SAKA-SAMA:

Hell yes, she did:

A couple of new ones from Koutei Camera Girl Drei:

Well, relatively

Hey, it’s a SPARK SPEAKER album!

Just FunFunfun mixing up Yunomi:

The first single from Reverberation Symmetry:

And the next single from GANG PARADE:

PassCode’s doing the lord’s work on the Locus behind-the-scenes:

Anticipate Full Power Girls R!

I appreciate that milcboy appreciates the full romaji spelling of her name for her album art (oh btw, album!), while doubling down on the spelling:

You might dig this one from tipToe, who you may recall from that Dots tribute:

Or … a completely kind of Dots tribute:

Bucho’s playlist:


Fresh Seno Sister:


Good to see that even Sakura Gakuin has basically stopped making new music:

Bless this girl:

Why didn’t anybody tell me about a new Candy GO!GO! single?

As for Candye Syrup:

And what about PiGU?

YuYu is maybe the least known member of GANG PARADE:

And Aya is no longer part of the team:

Thanks, Paul!

Nothing about my girl Ophelia 20mg’s outfit makes sense:

RIOT BABY is up to five members, and new music on the way:


It’s worth a few minutes to understand the Cryptocurrency Girls:

Have a great weekend!

This Friday Fun Is about Ginning up Controversy

Hey everyone! Thanks for giving us your suggestions for future articles on the site! We’ll be back with a brand new image and lots of ads for diet pills and mail-order brides next week!

Oh, WACK. Always an inspiration for Friday Funs. My honest-to-god New Years resolution for 2018 was “tone down the Watanabe memes” and, honestly, I’m kind of failing.

Well, good thing WACK was only the inspiration for this Fun and not the overall theme, isn’t it? Continue reading

BILLIE IDLE Finally Isn’t Lying about the ‘Last’ Thing!

If you crazy kids are regular followers of that hip new rock ‘n’ roll idol group BILLIE IDLE, you may have noticed a whole mess of references to something called “P.S.R.I.P.” lately. Ominous, no, after LAST ALBUM? Kind of!

Well, it’s a single. John with the heavy lifting:

We knew to expect something from Billie Idle today, we just didn’t know what. So we had to wait around for the announcement, as usual. 今晩22時にお知らせがあります。 — BILLIE IDLE® (@b_idle_official) February 22, 2018

via Billie Idle Announce Upcoming Single — Straight From Japan

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I Believe That It Can Now Be Confirmed That the New 2& Single Is Great

“Naw,” I said, thinking of money spent and unspent and obligations looming, “I’ll have to pass.”

That right there was me a few weeks ago when offered a chance to score a copy of Saki’s latest 2& single. I like Saki’s work, quite a bit in fact, but the truth is that I make so few actual purchases of idol CDs, and “lately” has been a really long time of not wanting to splurge on things that didn’t necessarily need to be splurged on. I talk myself through these moments by focusing on what’s right in front, by ignoring the Fear Of Missing Out that led Young Maniac to make all kinds of terrible, impulsive decisions, and I look for (almost always legal and morally sound!) ways to access new music. Hell, ask the poor guy who thought he was going to sell me a whole mess of sure-to-be-difficult-to-acquire-in-the-future Yanamyu stuff recently; I don’t have a polite, family-friendly metaphor for how hard I pulled out of that discussion once the dollar amounts started to get kicked around.

Anyway! Saki. Her single is out, and she has a new MV to promote it! Continue reading

What the Hell Did I Just Watch?

So the other day, EMPiRE, who have frankly been awfully quiet after that surprisingly interesting official debut, dropped out a little mini-trailer for an MV that was coming hot-hot-hot off the presses.* I filed away this information, secure in the knowledge that perhaps another cool power pop number was coming.

Give me a second to admit that I didn’t immediately catch that the dang trailer was the same track as was used for that album/news/trailer thing that happened a few weeks ago, but also give yourself a second to steel your resolve to witness multiple acts of butt-themed urban assault:

Tell that Ayuni D doesn’t look aroused during the cafe scene

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Let’s Remember Some Idols: PIIIIIIIN

Hey, who else remembers PIIIIIIIN? I sure do. Of course, right about the time that I started to get more into them, their end was imminent. So goes idol!

The uninitiated may be asking, who is this group with all of the I’s in the world in its name, and why is it italicized, and why are we remembering them? In reverse order:

That’s why

I can’t speak for the italicization, but just like how jerk-ass gym teachers will always remind you that there is no “I” in “team,” but in reverse, PIIIIIIIN included an I for every member of the group. So there were seven of them, natch. Continue reading

Idol on a Dime: The Yes Tiger! Wota-guide

Hey! There’s a newcomer to the fancy idol blogger game, and it’s Yes Tiger! (who you should follow), and in addition to a completely different angle on the scene (informed!), the stuff pumping out just so far is good-ass quality. I saw this piece yesterday and thought that you cats might get a kick out of it.

Idol events can be very expensive and I’ve spent way too much on them. If you’re going to Japan and you’re interested in seeing your favorite idols or checking out some new groups, you might be wondering how it will fit in your budget. Well, never fear…I can help! Here are some tips and tricks […]

via Idol 101: How to See Idols on a Budget in Japan — Yes Tiger!

You Are Forbidden From Viewing Houkago 403ERROR

Thank you, Jul, for being the first person to show me this relative newcomer that … look, when you name yourself after the kind of Internet error that says that you’re not allowed to be visiting that thing, I’m going to applaud you for effectively telling people to stay away while, you know, being idol and literally requiring people to look and visit as much as possible.

Just listen to this stuff!

The levels of chika in this video are enough to kill an adult

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Enjoy Some Deliciously Dyed Vivid Chicken

All right, I got some great schooling on the whole this-is-why-people-dye-chicks thing back when we first got a look at newbie rock unit Vivid Chicken. Thanks, by the way! I still don’t really understand the point, which, hey, you can say that about a lot of things.

They put out a new song today, is the point here, though:

I like it! It is loud and rocky! I don’t have a whole lot else to say so I’m just going to abruptly end the post!

The New Future for BiS Is Terrifying and Confusing, Video Confirms

Guess what? I definitely wasn’t ready for what BiS was going to look like sans the Progenitor of Progenitors (Pour Lui, you goofs), nor for a whole mess of other things, and definitely not at 7:00 a.m. But hey, the “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” MV has arrived and, aside from confirming that is has nothing to do with Zeppelin, it threw me for a whole writhing cascade of loops:

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