xoxo EXTREME Is Ready

I was lamenting the other day (to myself, but very, very loudly) that the first month of the new year hasn’t really had any immediate Of the Year contenders. Necroma’s single is great, of course, but has no MV, and there have been precious few releases, period, let alone any that would make you jump up and holler out of the sheer joy of hearing something great.

Then along came xoxo EXTREME with their first-ever MV, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t leave me a little slack-jawed. Continue reading


Your Homicidols Weekender #63

Happy Saturday, you bunch of weirdos! The other day, I completely skipped out on the ol’ site. Why? Because nothing was going on. Or so I thought! This is going to be a weekend of things that actually did happen, are too good for the dang Weekender, and are things that you should get up some care about. Also, at some point later today, I’m going to be celebrating something, so … well, I do dumb things when I’m a few sheets to the wind and in a good mood. Could be fun!

Speaking of fun: Play it. Also think about what lies ahead from Homicidols.com. Could there … could there be some new music? New video? NEW IDOLS?! It’s gonna be a good weekend, is what I’m saying.

You’re Such a Tease

EMPiRE interview series: MiDORiKO because spelling!


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Hell to the Yes, STARMARIE

So … I missed the YouTube live. Or, rather, I caught a few minutes’ worth of the very beginning, when everybody was just sitting around and talking about the album and stuff. Did I miss anything good?

Like, did I miss this ass-kicker?

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You Should Be Getting Excited About The New SAKA-SAMA EP…

Maniac mentioned it in the Weekender, but it bears repeating: “Lo-Fi Dream Pop” idols SAKA-SAMA are releasing an EP on TRASH-UP!! Records due out on February 28! You’ll pardon me for being a bit giddy, but I think this is a big deal … a minor milestone if you will. SAKA-SAMA’s been teasing us for well over a year cow, with tons of terrific live footage on their label’s YouTube Channel, but no actual studio releases save for some show-exclusive CD-Rs and a lone free song on OTOTOY. It’s no stretch to say I’ve been looking forward to this as much as any DOTS release, especially since SAKA-SAMA is a fellow torch-bearer for the cause of cool and strange avant-art idols.

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Friday Fun: You’ll Never Replace the Time You Waste Replacing Idols

So about those photobooks. Not gonna lie, I’d probably buy some of them. Especially that sexy Watanabe one, oh baby.

So here I am, trying to think of a new Friday Fun that doesn’t involve coming up with predictions and conspiracies involving WACK Fes, because let’s be honest, you’re all sick of that, when I remembered that I’ve really gotten into Gokigen Teikoku lately. I mean, I was a casual fan the past year or so, but this month I’ve really gotten into them. Indies Best is one heck of an album!

And that, in turn, made me remember this thrilling saga of Ichiho going on sick leave and being replaced by a blow-up sex doll, only for it to face a violent and tragic demise.

For some reason, I thought, “that should happen more often!” Continue reading


How Could I Have Forgotten about Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen?

The local focus of idol is one of its charms, but also one of the stupidest ways to get idols who you nominally like lost in a shuffle. Me, I’m personally a big mark for Nagoya idols for some reason, with a lot of ancillary respect for Osaka. Of course you’re going to wind up doing a lot of Tokyo-area local stuff, too, when you start looking at idol, given that (pick a neighborhood anymore) is in one form or another an epicenter of idol culture.

Because you do that, see, and then you lose track of the good projects — sometimes it’s just one or two, honestly — in other big cities (Kyoto!) or prefectures (Ehime!), purely because the incessant drone of idol-related media and fandom doesn’t sound as loudly over those spots.

Which brings me to Yamaguchi and Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen, or … Continue reading


Tomorrow, Watch STARMARIE’s YouTube Live

I’m not going to pretend to know what percentage of us tries to make the ungodly hourly difference between hemispheres work just to watch some streamed live or another, but I wanted to highlight this one because you should be learning to appreciate more idol stuff you guys! I think I even complained about that the last time I talked about STARMARIE.

In anticipation of their soon-to-drop new album (and I can only imagine that very intense new look), they’re streaming a live for FANTASY WORLD IV via YouTube:

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Oh, REGiNA KiSS Is a Band Now?

I’ll just go ahead and admit that I didn’t see this one coming:

Huh. Well, okay, super-underappreciated former-idol-trio-turned-duo REGiNA KiSS, whose inability to garner even very many page views briefly made them my favorite idol thing to write about, are … well, they’re a band! Like, not Idols in Front of a Band, but, hell, are they even really idols anymore? Between the gravure and stuff, one might think so, but there are few guarantees in the underground anymore. They sometimes appear as the whole unit thing, or sometimes isn’t just the idols, but. Continue reading


So Let’s See What EMPiRE Does with It

Yeah, I’m one of the jerks who saw the “big announcement at 20:00!” tweet and decided to prepare for it. Then I saw the announcement itself and felt not at all particularly moved to get out of bed. I’m on the fence about EMPiRE — it is known — but facts are facts, it’s a quiet day in Idolville and it’s not like I didn’t completely love their first MV. So hell, let’s split the difference and just steal from John. Continue reading


This Is a Brief Post about Eri Kitamura’s New Single

Well, it’s not like there’s a ton else going on out there, and I want to hear some loud-ass music with possibly-idols on vocals, and I want it now. So! Remember Eri Kitamura? She’s got herself a single coming out tomorrow, and very helpfully dropped a teaser:

On the previous post, I was informed that Eri is a popular voice actor and not actually a gothic nun. Insert random joke about this being the true animetal then? Naw. (But for real, that’s some serious-ass animetal.)

I feel obligated to include additional something in this post, so: Continue reading