In Which It’s Time to Look at IVOLVE

It has accidentally become Honor Mad Magazine-related Idols on Christmas Eve Weekened as I pivot toward a piece that I was putting together a few days ago, until HOLIDAY MADNESS arrived and ruined all of my plans. But! To directly tie this to the aforementioned accidental subject matter, I refer to Ayami ex of nanoCUNE/Rider, who landed on her feet (as talented idols are wont to do) after being disbanded and hooked up* with the same agency as Party Rockets GT, Devil ANTHEM and others to form IVOLVE, who are not new at this point, but I’m just finally getting around to them on account of their having added a mess of new stuff to Soundcloud:

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This Is How Waka Wishes You a Merry Christmas

And that, friends, is how you acquaint the world with your new project. Debuting in February! Continue reading

The More Himekyun Fruit Can Changes, the M– Actually, Yes, That’s Fine

It was with practically zero fanfare that Himekyun Fruit Can, part of the foundational loudol class of 2010*, was semi-permanently disbanded following a long-ass farewell tour. I say “practically zero fanfare” because, despite often being excellent as hell, we’re looking at a group that never seemed to catch on with Westerners; I say “semi-permanently” because management hadn’t even finished announcing the end of the almost-totally-original quar/quintet when they said that, yes, all existing members would graduate forever at the final performance, but the group would reboot immediately.

After a few brief appearances ’round these parts just to acknowledge that Ehime’s idols were coming together, it feels only right to now, finally, get to excitedly point at the new HKFC and their first MV: Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #58

Good morning! In the greater idol world, it seems like everybody’s taking some time to breathe after a very busy last couple of months of 2017. And thank goodness — your friendly neighborhood Maniac has been quite busy himself. Yeah, a lot of Day Job, but also a little thing with Necroma that I’m still not sure was real (or may have shattered my previous reality).

Your Weekender is below. Also play the Fun while you’re at it, and contemplate the Best of 2017. A real-deal Yearender is coming next week, and you might be surprised at some of the stuff that flew under the radar. And do try to have a good time this weekend and really over the next few days. Eat too much, drink too much, enjoy the people you love, make merry.

You Can’t Tell Me What to Do!


That’s the reborn Oyayubi Princess, if you were keeping score

First there were 48s, then 46s, and now apparently 52s?

Fumika and Himeka said their goodbyes to Party Rockets GT:

musubizm bit the dust, too, but left us with this delightful farewell video:

Beni can, indeed, do it all:

You can’t beat You’ll Melt More!:

Explain this Desu.Rabbits series to me, thanks:

I got really excited to see another Band ja Naimon! MV come across the wire, but this is naught but a letdown:

When Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da met URBANGARDE:

Never goes out of style:

Kaneko Rie’s new project, trolleattroll:

Yanakoto Sotto Mute because why not:

Same for Oyasumi Hologram:

There are more and more funky idols lately, aren’t there?

“ITHAQUA” in Italian? Sure!

Some crossed wires led to neither my nor Papermaiden’s posting of the latest from Maison Book Girl, so I hope you had a chance to enjoy it; if not, here you go!

PARFAIT, not only is your attire completely out of season, but since when did you do lite idorock?

Did you ever wonder if you could see a Task have Fun DVD? You can!

Have a great weekend and a merry one if you’re celebrating!

Take a Few Minutes from Your Sloth and Gluttony for This Festive Friday Fun

Happy Holidays, nerds! Have you been good this year? Maybe Santa-san bring you all the Tommy Wiseau tat you desire, or whoever else showed up in last week’s #IdolMerchForWesternCelebs!!

This weekend, it’s finally Christmas! And amongst other things like “Why did I agree to do all the baking this year??” “Are these presents any good?” “My tree still doesn’t have any lights!” I have Christmas jumpers on the mind. Mainly because I need a cute yet baggy jumper to hide my Halloween-Early Christmas weight gain so certain relatives don’t make me feel bad for eating more pigs in blankets than I probably should, but also, look who just came out with a new Christmas jumper! Only our old friends Babymetal!

Personally, I preferred their old Christmas sweater; it was adorable and much more festive, but this  would have been perfectly adequate for hiding my Santa belly had it not been for the fact that I don’t have £60 right now. Continue reading

This Is Surprisingly Mild from Elfloat, Still Nice

Well, “better late than never” is going to be a theme here, as there was no way I was going to get to much of what trickled out of idol in the pre-Christmas week, not with the Best Of and also Necroma to deal with. And this is a case of better!

Elfloat, I believe still the jewel in Blue Forest’s crown, has had a hell of a year of rise … in Japan. They and their sister groups remain in some weird Western wota purgatory from whence they shan’t escape unless … I don’t know, actually. They’re good and worth your time! Though this is probably not the track to change your mind!

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A Very Homicidol Night with NECRONOMIDOL

This is all that I could muster after a night that confirmed everything that I’ve been doing about this whole idol business. In front of gods and man and maniacs, NECRONOMIDOL had not only taken the stage and wreaked absolute havoc, but had cut a very different jib in meeting with me, in person, and providing some great insights.

Oh, and Oshi put on the tiara that I gifted her, and all was well. Continue reading

Your Homicidols Best of 2017

Friends, for all of the bellyaching about the overall volume of quality idol output in 2017, we still managed to have an exciting showdown of idol forces for the best of the year. You don’t know it, and I won’t be too specific, but there were a lot of close calls in what follow here, and a number of ties just below the winners even at that — ultimately, even you all couldn’t decide what it was that most deserved to be honored with a Best Of. Good job!

Nonetheless, after months of pre-nominations and voting and etc., we got down to a healthy group of finalists, all of whom deserve a ton of credit for being the literal cream of the crop even thought only one was going to win — ultimately, in a situation like this, everything is subjective, anyway. BUT! To make things more interesting overall, while it is the picks of you all, the Western loud idol community, that really matter, I will again demonstrate my own incredible acumen for being correct about what’s best in idol, as will folks who contributed to the site over the course of the year. You’ll find it fascinating if not unnecessarily obscure!

As a brief preview: Do you remember how BiSH ran roughshod over the awards last year, basically making a mockery of the whole shebang? We managed to avoid that this time, though WACK’s influence was strong. However, for all of Watanabe’s stable’s influence over Western fandom, a new apple of our all-seeing eye has emerged, and the distribution overall, I think, speaks volumes as to where people line up and how they view what idol is producing.

Without further ado, I give you the Best of 2017. Continue reading

Access Tweet. Tweet Tweet. Access Q’ulle.

This is too cool, you guys. If you’re a Twitter user (like all good idol fans are), you should gonto this:

There’ll be an option not to RT — well, that too — but to actually tweet it. And when you do? Free song/video clip! Continue reading

Wake up. Download Some Dang DOTS. Post Your Reaction.

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Idol is gearing up for a hell of a 2018 with a bunch of teasers in the waning moments of 2017 that should do no less than to whet your appetite for an incredible year in music. In this case? Just one of Maniac’s very favorite things, Tokyo’s Dots, who have their first full-length album coming out in January — but you can get a full preview of the whole dang thing beginning right now if you know what’s good for you:

OTOTOY, where so much of my time and money gets spent

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