You Guys Want to See This PassCode Set?

Just before we begin, can I ask that we take a moment to appreciate how legitimately cool it is to see PassCode somewhat back on a tiny stage, in a smaller environment, being incredibly raw with just a back track and absolutely zero effects?

I feel like this is the quietest that PassCode stuff has been in forever, since about a year ago, when they were promoting VIRTUAL ahead of the release that would take them from cult favorite to a major release. I wasn’t ever bothered to look up sales figures for “MISS UNLIMITED,” but I’m presuming that it did well overall, and this time they’re taking now is mostly preparatory for the next record.

Anyway, this is pretty cool: Continue reading

Heaven Help Us All: JyuJyu’s Got Plans

About a week ago, I had tweeted pure, raw excitement over this event — JyuJyu! Necroma! Uh, Dance for Philosophy! And others!(?) — that was going to be all incredibly dark and spooky and ARE YOU UNMOVED BY THE FACT THAT THIS COULD HAPPEN?

Anyway, it ain’t much, but JyuJyu unleashed a pair of new songs onto the world and announced their first one-man (with this lineup, at least). May all gods dark and terrible protect us.

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Inside the Homicidol Mind: Two Translated BiSH Interviews, Anybody?

We are blessed, friends, blessed indeed, for there are those among us who are not only multilingual, but who are generous and willing to take content — lyrics, articles, interviews, etc. — and give it a little bit of a work so that it’s digestible for us, the English-addled masses. And over the past couple of days, we’ve gotten two very big gifts in the form of interviews with BiSH’s Ayuni D (in the ShuuPlay News) and Atsuko (IDOL and READ).

First up! Hashiyasume. As far as she goes, I actually think that Atsuko is now the only member of BiSH who I’ve never had occasion to feature via interview or other subject matter. And that’s not for want of her being cool in her way — she is! — it’s just a question of access and timing and things. And when Plain Sugar Subs tweeted out an Atsuko special from IDOL and READ, I was all over it.

I joined a different group but something feels not right, and I believe the same thing will happen to the group so, I decided to take on a hiatus until I found a group that is really suitable for me. I resumed my life as a part-timer for around a year, getting fatter from all the food given ( LOL ), and then I found out about … BiSH. I took the audition for the 1st generation because I believe that BiSH is my chance to be a star. I would probably become a total loser if i don’t make anything out of this, so seriously I was like; “This is my last chance.”

Go read the whole thing:

And then come back for the second half of the double feature! Continue reading

Damn, Predianna, Where Have You Been?

Never let it be said that is home only to music that would be at home in your cousin’s ’84 Impala; we also indulge in music that said cousin keeps in a guilty pleasures box in his basement apartment. For instance, I think we can all agree that legit power pop* (sometimes also known as idorock!) is a good time, and to be able to get more of it into our ears from time to time is a very good idea.

Viz Major, as always, on it

They have an EP thing, Artless coming out in February on a very busy day in idol. Continue reading

The BiSathon Is Underway, So We May as Well Get Started, Too

This post is a PSA as much as anything; the basic idea for this incredibly stupid venture is sketched out here.

But just a few hours ago, the BiS members began their 100km marathon. While I don’t think any single reader of has ever attempted anywhere near such a distance, I bet there are at least 20 people out there who can put together 5km, or 30-odd who can do 3km, or some combination thereof that probably also involves folks doing 1km and 10km and rolling a scooter rather than running and all kinds of ways to say:

BiS, your fans run with you

If you join us, remember to snap a photo of yourself or your distance or landmark or whatever (with IDOL gear if you have it!), and tweet @BiSidol and the members using #BiS100 and #BiS100キロ. FWIW, I have a feeling that we’re not going to see results from everybody who took part, or that the combination of humans and distances won’t tally 100km, but that’s okay! We’ll still have put in a simple, supportive demonstration.

Live casts for the members after the jump. Continue reading

You Review Things: DISDOL | “HARERUYA”

Dofphoto has another gift for you! And very well-timed, as DISDOL crept a bit into the wider homicidol consciousness over the past week, and darn it, that makes me happy. Personally, I’m dying to know if HARERUYA is any good.

My first experience with DISDOL (they were called Dissenter Dolls back then) was back in March 2015, which I’m pretty sure was their debut on stage. There were four girls and they only had two songs, which were “Jolly” and “Miraibana,” the latter being the track that caught my attention. So like anyone would do, I followed them on Twitter. A few demos of new tracks were uploaded to Youtube and it seemed it wouldn’t be long till DISDOL were in the studio. Continue reading

It’s Time for the Quarterly Check-in on 30Posse

One of my favorite games to play would be called Say What Are Idols Doing Because There Isn’t Enough Else Happening. There’s a short list of acts to use in those instances — usually because they don’t do a whole lot compared to others — and right smack in the middle of that list is 30Posse.

There is what I said about them once upon a time. This is the thing about their recent membership update, which is important in the vaguest of ways because it puts this video into context, and … here’s a live set of 30Posse’s.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #11

Say, gang, remember the Corenament? I bet a bunch of you don’t because there weren’t that many of you in those days! That’s fantastic, because while I liked the idea behind the original, I didn’t totally care for the execution (and then it got stupid at the end and I was mad). But it’s actually almost time to start up this year’s version, and I have a problem: I don’t have a good concept in mind.

Last year, it was all about song vs. song, all-time. This year, let’s do something a little more interesting. Think of yourself right now as the proverbial Italian cook throwing pasta at the wall to see if it’s done; just toss out ideas, and maybe something will stick. I’m going to put out a more thorough call for suggestions next week, but anything that can spur creativity is a good thing.

So What Haven’t We Talked About?

Literally the best thing written this week was by our pal Brian from Supreme Nothing, with this really cool story about the soon-to-disband THE SPUNKY, a Philly punk legend (hi Jim!) and a collaboration that we came pretty close to getting that, no kidding, might have been too cool for words. For real, I linked it in the last sentence, and now I’m saying to go read it because holy shit. Continue reading

DEEP GIRL Is Falling Apart; Now Non Says Her Farewell

First Mashiro (and her quick turnaround), now everybody’s favorite pit-firing-up Showroom-experimenting multi-talented idol, Non:

Her quick little post here says little else, just “I’m leaving now, goodbye.” This statement that she added to Twitter is no doubt more explanatory: Continue reading

Let the Wild Speculation Begin! The WACK Three-way Auditions

Last week, I made the unwise decision to notification-follow Watanabe on Twitter. At first, I was really just looking for new stuff about the BiSathon (so we could do our own!), but that wasn’t panning out and I was bored, but then came one of the ominous “something will happen at 22:00!” tweets, and … well, given that BiSH was the only part of the company that he hadn’t molested in a while, let’s just say that a quick RT from that group’s account had me convinced that the Captain herself was graduating immediately and had set the rest of the roster on fire.

This is no way invalidates that fear!

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