2017 Homicidols Corenament, Rounds 1 & 2: Aftermath

Well, folks, we had ourselves a time, didn’t we? From well over 200 idols-and-things we now stand at 16. You can look back at the first round (day 1 | day 2) and the second (day 1 | day 2) to get an idea of how we got where we are now.

Because it’s impossible to have nice things, the results have been a little adulterated, but not so much that we can’t still enjoy the last few rounds, and then we can crown a Corenament champion and bestow upon some very confused Japanese girls an honor they neither want nor appreciate!

The schedule going forward is going to look like this:

  • Sweet Sixteen: March 22 & 23
  • Elite Eight: March 24 & 25
  • Final Four: March 31 & April 1
  • Final: April 3

In the battle to be Best Idol, only one can win, but we all get to have a good time!

Oh, and the matchup types are going to start to get weird, so watch out for that.

The Sweet Sixteen

I’m actually not going to publish this yet, because I’m going to leave an important decision up to you all: As you either figured out on your own or heard along the way, there was some low-level vote manipulation going on for Round 2 (and probably elsewhere, too, but not quite as impactful). That rankled some folks, including me, because while the Corenament is just for funsies, it’s still something that we’d like to be doing for our amusement, not to get off individuals with nothing better to do.

What we have before us are results for half of Round 2 that mostly seemed to come out the way they would have naturally, and results for the other half that were definitely messed with and would come out differently if not for the outside intervention. I don’t have absolute numbers for sure, but my feelings are based on a general understanding of who shared stuff and who didn’t, and what “normal” voting looks like, and where were the intervals of massive, sudden, inexplicable increases, and how those distributions played out across the board (like I said on Twitter, I’m paying attention).

So I’m offering you this: For Day 1, I’m leaving those results alone because they’re fairly close to “normal,” even if the associated numbers are wacky; for Day 2, on the other hand, I have a somewhat arbitrary-but-really-the-median-of-a-range-that-math-says-makes-sense adjustment that I can make to each of those polls, and several of the outcomes would change as a result. Do you want me to “correct” the situation, or do you prefer to move ahead as is? Which results might change is probably obvious, and it’s not a large number, but.

To avoid more vote rigging(!), I won’t be adding a poll

Go ahead and comment, and I’ll work with what feels like a consensus. Either way, we’ll return to Corenamenting on Wednesday!

33 thoughts on “2017 Homicidols Corenament, Rounds 1 & 2: Aftermath

  1. Even if it works against people I probably voted for myself I’m fine with you adjusting the final outcomes to your better judgement based on the information you have about the voting issue. May the odds for ever be in your favour xD

  2. Considering how tied the majority of results were, if they shouldn’t be this close, I feel like it might be better to alter/correct them, because I feel like this is a community event (like the Homicidol awards, but more sport-y) and should there represent the community who’s there more or less regularly (even the silent lurkers).

  3. The results might be questionable due to people tampering with them but they would only be rendered totally meaningless if you were to just ignore the voting altogether. Besides, you shouldn’t waste time worrying about little things like this when you haven’t done your reps today yet.

  4. Throw it all in the trash. Do not finish the Corenament. If everyone can not play nice then we should not be able to play at all. I know it is horrible to punish everyone because some sorry wastes of human life can’t stand to see some group of singing girls in a foreign country lose a made up tournament, but maybe that is best. I will not be voting in the rest of this farce so do what you want. You now know how I feel about it.

    To all the vote manipulators and scum sucking trash that just feels the need to cheat. I hope you feel really good about yourselves. I bet your moms are very proud of you, especially when you happen to make it out of the basement for long enough to take a shower.

    • Relax, guy. You acknowledge that it’s a made-up tournament about singing girls in a foreign country yet the rest of your post sounds like a school shooter’s manifesto.

      • Not going to relax, sorry. Someone has to make a stand about this type of thing, and I will be the one to do it. It may not count for much but it is much better than the indifference being shown by others.

        Yes, i acknowledge that it is a made up contest which was supposed to be fun. All the fun has been sucked out of it by vote manipulators and cheaters. This does upset me and I would think Maniac would possibly be thinking of not doing this again in the future. I sure wouldn’t want to. All the effort that goes into putting it together just to have all the good times and fun destroyed. Sure seems like something you would want to invest more time into, doesn’t it?

    • What a horrible tragedy

      Tommrow as the darkness breaks and a new dawn rises I will get out of bed and apologize to my mother. Then I will find a job and throw away every last hot pocket in my freezer. I will take a shower and scrub every crevice of my disgusting body. Then as night falls again and the stench of garbage fills the air I’ll be consumed once more. I can never be rid of it. The trash is the essense of my being. The natural routine of the one and only trash stench.

    • I almost want to agree with you about throwing everything out. The people that are doing this are going to continue as long as there are no repercussions for their actions. On the other hand, I would hate to see this end. A lot of work has been put into it and while some results may be fraudulent, I think just letting it ride might be the best option for now.

      You should also step back from the basement dweller blaming and go for the Russian angle. You might be able to get the FBI to investigate this vote manipulating then!

  5. manually altering any of those results would be ridiculous. The only one that makes no sense to me is Kakizaki losing to Codemomental but you can’t arbitrarily change it. The results are fine as is and altering them would be a very bad idea.

  6. Even though some of the results have been pretty ridiculous IMO, I’d say just keep them as they are and let’s see how it all plays out. The only one I have a real problem with from day 2 is Bucho beating PassCode (seriously!?), but I may be missing where the real voting problems were. I’d say let it be and see where the corenament takes us, and just keep an eye on voting irregularities from now on.

    • I forgot to mention that on Day 1 of round 2, I thought it was fishy how Necroma ended up beating Nao, after being well behind all day. I’m sure this is probably one of the instances where this cheating occurred and you’re already aware, but I just thought it was worth mentioning. On to the Sweet Sixteen!

      • perhaps in that case the cheating was early in the day benefiting Nao and then sanity returned and Necroma prevailed as they should have

        Bucho has a lot of fans too and has been active recently with youtube chaos etc….

        anyways as others have mentioned, you can’t start to second guess things and manually alter…. all sides could have benefited from cheating or not, you just have to go forward and accept the results but keep in mind it is not scientific, altering anything now would be a bad idea

  7. For the first time in Idol history, a poll has been skewed by overeager fanbases.
    Or outright cheaters, or people wanting to make other fanbases look bad. Or sour grapes because their fave got eliminated early.

    I think most Idol fans use Twitter. Maybe move the finals to the somewhat legit polls on Twitter?

    As much as we all enjoy this stuff, there is some cred being thought of well overseas, tied somewhat directly to the hopes, dreams and livelyhoods of everyone we’re considering in our votes. Unless the polls get locked down to registered commentors here, I think the same sort of thing may continue.

  8. I say bounce the obvious cheaters in close contests out, but It’s not big deal either way.
    My NCAA bracket still has all my final four teams alive after the first weekend for the first time in what feels like a decade, so I don’t need the Corenament to act as a salve for a busted bracket.

  9. Perhaps it’s reasonable for GD to win KJ.

    But, both seem to have more cheating votes than normal votes. And in the first round fight, only the combination of GD has a large total number of votes.
    Probably GD will win the corenament, if proceeding as it is.

    • realistically GD is the most deserving of all groups, they have been consistently great and new members are very strong, songwriting is second to none and new releases are continual and very strong. Exposure is also second to none, they play lives continually and the fanbase gets the live video up every day for viewing and the shows are always watchable and entertaining. The group dynamics and management talent are world class.

      If Guso Drop wins the whole tournament then Homicidols can be happy that no matter the controversies along the way, it all ends well.

      • Sorry for lack of words.
        There is no problem with Guso Drop winning.
        However, it is worrisome that only the total number of votes of GD and opponents is outstanding.

  10. I tried to warn you that this would lead to riots.
    Do whatever you think is best. Those of us who are approaching this in the spirit of fun and fandom and good music will be okay with whatever happens.

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