The WiLD TRUMPS Are Dead; All Hail … What?

Regardless of the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, THE WiLD TRUMPS had slated themselves for a Nov. 26 live demolition, which they billed as a death and rebirth. I thought, hey, this is a spin-off from Aoyama St. Hachamecha High School, it’ll probably get a refresh because the angle will be kind of stale after the election (and weird if Trump wins!), but I bet not much changes and …


They actually streamed a good portion of what turned out to be the group’s last live on Periscope:

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Kick-start Your Week with Daidaidai

Daidaidai, the rather exciting new digital idolcore project from DEMON TAPES, joined DEEP GIRL as a supporting act at the We Are DEEP GIRL tour stop in Osaka last week, and this lucky duck recorded the entire thing and shared it with us because life can, in fact, be good:


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The Rules Aren’t the Problem; The Fans Are

Update, the official statements:


I had to readdress this point a few times because I couldn’t think of a way to write about this without being guaranteed to piss off at least a few people, though I think I managed to settle into minimum offense.

First, the particulars:

The story is actually fairly clear if you use Google’s translator, so give it a go, but the important thing is this: Sakura Yuki, the Snow-chan of Kamen Joshi and Joanna Lumley fame, was recently the subject of death threats by an obviously deranged wota. The person has been arrested, and Yuki is safe, and that’s what matters, though there’s more in the details if you care to read.

Aside from the obvious concern for the well-being of a well-known personality, there’s a lot to take away from this story. Continue reading

I Don’t Always Use Dailymotion, But When I Do, It’s for Idol Subs

If you’re a regular in the Idolmetal group on Facebook, you’ve probably seen subtitled videos popping up recently. What a gift! Not only do the subs include romaji, but translated English, and for songs that you may have always wanted to know what the hell they’re about.

For instance, here’s a list of BiSH videos (live and not) with said public service, by poleosis, right at your fingertips:

You may need to turn on closed captioning

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Get Fired up for Sunday with Fruitpochette

Our man in Japan, Phillter (Remember Phillter? He remembers you!), passed on this heart-rendingly good live compilation of Fruitpochette covering some of their favorites, as posted to Shiori’s personal YouTube channel, which you should follow if you have any sense, ya goofs:

Fruitpochette had a terrible first 2/3 of 2016. Like, just terrible. But where they are now, with Zuma and Kyuri playing well together and obviously having a blast, I hope this is the beginning of a big leap forward. The talent is obvious, the quality is right on par, their sound is distinct … Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #2

You guys liked it! I’m as surprised as anybody! But the feedback was good and a bunch of people looked at it, so let’s keep these little roundups going.

Here’s a Bunch of Stuff That Didn’t Get Posted Last Week

BiSH must be making Avex a lot of money, because the Label of Doom isn’t being shy about the Less Than Sex tour final, which is being broadcast on MTV Japan and will be available on DVD.

Cool trailer, bros.

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A Bunch of Wild Stuff from the Guso Drop Family

This whole business started with this post in the Guso Drop fan group on Facebook:

The whole set is here, and it’s impressive:

Now, I don’t know about anybody else, but the YouTube recommendations with this are like a trip down A-minor Alley: Continue reading

Yes, You Apparently Do Want a Virtual Reality Headset as a Gift

I’ll be honest: I think VR, until it’s scaled up to something more akin to the Holodeck, is kind of hokey. I also need less “virtual” and more “awesome” in my reality. For this, though, I’d make an exception.

I was looking through Dots’ manager’s Twitter feed (a completely normal thing to do!) and noticed a third video release. Not on YouTube, mind you, but on this 360Channel thing.

And it’s exactly what you think it is! Continue reading

The Homicidols Gaijin Japan Buying Guide

I never in my wildest dreams thought we’d find ourselves in a place quite like this, but here we are: Courtesy of the Weeaboo Witch herself comes this well-timed guide for buying your favorite idol’s merch from Japan. Kerrie, take it away.

So, you wanna buy some idol goods? I’m sure this has happened a few times; you look on your favourite idol’s Twitter, and they have made an announcement: They’re going to be releasing some shiny new merchandise!

You rub your hands like a gleeful grasshopper at the concept of finally owning a t-shirt of Hanako-san crawling out of her toilet cavern. But wait! The site will only deliver within Japan! Damn it! I guess I’m gonna have to stick to getting t-shirts with terrible fanart instead.

Sadly, many online stores in Japan refuse to ship overseas. Your only real options are checking sites like CDJapan or Tokyo Otaku Mode if they have the item, which is usually very limited, especially when it comes to alt-idols. Or you could go on eBay and buy a t-shirt for a highly inflated price, if there is even anyone selling t-shirts at all!


Thankfully, there are a range of proxy buyers and shopping services willing to buy the item for you for a small fee. Said fee will usually be around 2-10 percent of the item price, in my experience. The downside to this is that the shipping is often quite high, but that’s what usually happens when you order from another country, regardless of whether you’re using a proxy service. Continue reading

It’s Black Friday; Support PassCode!

Welcome to Black Friday, and welcome to PassCode Day! We’ll build on the success of BiS’s #NewIdolArmy campaign to celebrate the international release of “MISS UNLIMITED” and show PassCode that their fans love them and are everywhere.

This one’s very simple:

  1. Download “MISS UNLIMITED” if you haven’t already
  2. Snap a photo of it playing on your device of choice, or of your physical CD cover/case, or of you and your merch, or any combination thereof
  3. Tweet it at @passcodeO and the members with a message saying where you’re from
  4. Use the hashtag #国際ハッカーズ
  5. If you like, change your profile image over to the “MISS UNLIMITED” cover to show your support

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