This You’ll Melt More! Dance Video Will Set Wednesday Right

It’s not a heart-rending transition to a new future for You’ll Melt More!, but what a peppy little number with a fun (and public!) dance routine:

Does anybody else see Chiffon in this configuration and wonder if her, uh, somewhat domineering personality stands out maybe just a little bit too much now without Mone and Chibo to offset her? (Please don’t hurt me, Chiffon.)


This Rebirth Thing Is Looking Pretty Easy for 30POSSE

I remembered that, in addition to their one-day tour to Korea, 30POSSE had popped up in some other news, and in looking for what that news was started playing through some live sets. Here’s a good one:

30POSSE actually looks different now; they held their live celebrating their third anniversary the other day, and in it unveiled a new member and tweak to their look:

Interestingly, that new member and updated look weren’t the things I thought I was looking for, either, and I still don’t really understand what they mean by “reborn,” but that’s okay. Maybe it’s just “we were fairly quiet since last summer but are now going to be busier” or something. That live set was pretty good!


Want to See BiSH with a Hardcore Band?

It seems that BiSH are taking their “All You Need Is Punk and Love” slogan seriously. This from their second Idol vs. Visual show with the Legendary Six Nine:

And here’s a ton of photos courtesy of the unofficial fanpage on Facebook.

I’m really liking this performing-with-bands thing that more and more groups are doing lately. It helps to drive home the idea that an idol group can and should be taken seriously as an artistic project, not just a promotional or developmental entity.


Here Are Some Highlights from the Sekigahara Idol Wars

Man, you guys are getting loaded down with awesome free concert footage lately. First glimpses at Idol 2.0’s work, and now the Sekigahara Idol Wars have been putting up an absolute ton of sets from this past weekend.

Until the tweets started to fly last week, I’d never even really heard of the Sekigahara Idol Wars, but it’s clearly a lot of fun and maybe kind of a TIF precursor (and more on TIF coming up soon!). While there were plenty of “regular” idols performing, some of our favorites joined in on the fun and showed why we care. Continue reading


Thinks Are Looking Pretty Good for the Lolisyn REBOOT

I’m particularly calling out this performance from the Sekigahara Idol Wars because it’s basically our first real good look at the rebooted Lolisyn, and because their sister group got the treatment yesterday, and because it was in high demand on Twitter and I am nothing if not a people pleaser:

Upon being pinged with a suggestion for more info, our good friend Jul also responded with this thread that includes a bunch of information on the new Lolisyn and the thoughts of fans of the group going back through its various iterations.


Holy Crap, Would You Look at This Kamen Joshi Stage?

Courtesy of Tara44DD in the Alice Project forum comes this genuinely next-gen visual component:

Here’s the skinny:

Recently, leading tech engineers in the field of LED displays, gathered in Japan to unveil their latest advancements in stage design. A huge leap forward in technology now allows for LED embedded modular floor to ceiling walls,floating IMAX Ultra Light panels, as well as an LED embedded stage.To demonstrate their latest achievement,The Kamen Joshi was invited as special guests to put the new stage design through its paces. Recognized worldwide,and a favorite of, as the most visually stunning artist leading the idol metal movement, the Mask Girls gave a one off performance to dazzle the “techies” who witnessed a match made in heaven.The aural assault to the ears and visual barrage of color and light left the onlookers speechless.A new level of live production has been achieved, the future is now.


I Don’t Care if You Think That My Babymetal Theory Is Crazy, Cuz It’s Not

I’ve referenced before my feeling that something big and unexpected is going to happen on the culminating evening of Babymetal‘s back-to-back tour final at the Tokyo Dome. That tends to be how and when they make major announcements — world tour, albums, etc. — but there’s something in the air for this one, and I’ve been trying to get a handle on it.

Based on a photo released this morning, I finally think I know what that big and unexpected thing is going to be, and we’re none of us going to like it.

I think somebody/ies is/are leaving Babymetal. Continue reading


PIIIIIIIN Somehow Sneaked These Two Fun Songs Past Me

It was a family weekend here at Maniac Mansion, and you know what that means: Finding creative ways to avoid spending so much time with people to whom you are only tenuously related by law! Despite outdoor temperatures being in the triple digits, I took it upon myself to heroically do yard work and some maintenance tasks, and in so doing flipped on the ol’ Soundcloud app, and in so doing saw that PIIIIIIIN had recently uploaded a couple of songs that managed to escape notice, and of course they were listened to with great interest: Continue reading


I Wouldn’t Be Mad if There Were More Killed in Sadness Online

Courtesy of Jul’s feed comes another in the PAC IDOL stable, less a successor in fact than one in spirit of the now-defunct-but-kind-of-resurrected Lolisyn (who are now 564 REBOOT — new people, are you even paying attention?).

Killed in Sadness (or KISS as they like to be called in private so as to avoid massive lawsuits) aren’t brand new, but new enough that this is about as good as the video gets. Along with 564 REBOOT, they represent the heavy side of the PAC roster, though (and Jul in particular, feel free to correct this) I think both KISS members are in Princess Garden, and that’s fantastically incongruous.

The song is fine. I love, however, that Ayaka is using a fucking knife as an avatar for her idol group. Continue reading


We’re about 10 Days Away from a New DEEP GIRL Video

Or so sayeth the mosh-pit-invading, growl-making Non:

Continue reading