The Most Denpacore Thing I Could Ever Imagine

Via Idol 2.0, this is happening.

That’s Bokura no Oyugi (web). Please tell me that somebody knows something about them. Like, you know how people will often compare something to a bad trip? This is like a good trip, but one that you have in a bad place. Wow. Continue reading

Heavy: Fruitpochette’s PV Says Change and Permanence Are Both Constant

Mina is gone and exactly what comes next for Fruitpochette‘s composition is in doubt, but have absolutely no worries that their music will in any way fail to be heavy as hell:

Shiori isn’t taking this lying down; not only does she sound great on this track, she apparently wrote and directed the video, too. Oh, and “闇-Happiness-” sounds like sexy explosions and I like it very much.

Idol Swindle Fallout: See BiSH’s “DEADMAN”, Prepare for Less than Sex

BiSH held their Idol Swindle Tour finale. It was basically a victory lap; the entire tour followed the very successful release of FAKE METAL JACKET and the announcement of their signing with avex trax, to be accompanied by their first major release on May 4.

Would you like to hear that song? (h/t @metalheadxXx)

Kick out the jams, mother fucker!

It’s called “DEADMAN,” which is fantastic, even if you’re not a big wrestling/Undertaker fan. A little more from the tour finale and BiSH‘s next steps on the More side. Continue reading

More New Malcolm Mask McLaren

Here’s a nice Monday morning kickstarter: MMM, still basking in the afterglow of their successful Melodic Hardcore One-man, have put out another pro-shot live video from the show:

Which do you prefer, this or “ROX”? I’ll do anything for a good (or even a bad!) breakdown, so my preference is easy.

I don’t want to overstate it, but I think Malcolm Mask McLaren might be making a little bit of a move.

You Literally Cannot Resist Deathrabbits

Via reader Tamas Kiss, it seems that the ultimate Corenament crashers will be releasing their second album in June:

Deathrabbits are officially out for blood. May the gods help us all.

Fruitpochette’s Teratani Mina Says Farewell

We’ve known for a while that Mina was leaving Fruitpochette not because of an organizational shake-up and not because she wanted to, but because her actual ability to live mattered. Yesterday was her final performance, and there some really great photos via the Facebook fan group. Continue reading

The Most Twisted Thing Necronomidol’s Ever Done

Photos and video from Necronomidol‘s time in New Caledonia abound on official Twitter and Facebook, so go congratulate them on a great international tour there if you want. It is the Official Policy of*, however, to treat Necroma as the diabolical agents of darkness that they are, and we will instead focus on some very disturbing video. Continue reading

Preview of Next BiSH Release? Also, Watch Them Live

I don’t want to become BiSHblog again, so I’m just combining these two pieces:

Via the Facebook fan group, here’s a snip of promo for a film that’s using a new BiSH song as the theme … could it be their first major label release?

And here’s a good opportunity to get your BiSH on. Continue reading

I See Idols: An Evening with Avandoned

I was kind of excited about this. You’d have a hard time making me a case to include geek idols Avandoned on this site as a regular thing, but they’d be a central part of the sister site. Not only are they cool as hell, but their tour in the U.S. was basically under the guidance of their collaborators/friends Hijokaidan, and if you get a chance to see Jojo Hiroshige and company do their thing all of 45 minutes from your house, you do it.

Continue reading

Watch Babymetal’s Live Video for ‘The One’

Screw it. Not even Babymetal is interested in honoring exclusive release deals anymore.

I’ll be nice and honor the “exclusive” opportunity for Billboard. Click this and go watch the video on their page.

What a chorus.