2016 Is Claiming Another Victim: & Crazy Shutting It Down

What a bit of dumb luck that I stumbled across this while checking on another piece of info. Pretty cool hard rock idols & Crazy are in the middle of a farewell tour:

Wait! Why? Because I don’t know, that’s why. It’s probably buried deep in the bowels of Twitter and the three people other than me who are going to care will just as completely not go to the trouble of looking it up. But (and this is the confusing part) three current members of the group are going to be graduating (from …?) at this final one-man on the 28th, whereupon the group is going to “suspend activities,” which is about a 95 percent lean toward “goodbye forever.”

No, that doesn’t make a lick of sense by itself, but it’s what we got. If nothing else, it means that Ritsuka’s going to be able to go on with her solo work, I guess.

At least we’ll always have weird dancing idolcore fart monsters to remember:

Don’t ask me. I don’t know, either.