2016 Homicidols Corenament Round 2 Preview

Round 2 is now open!

Wasn’t the first round fun? Also educational? I got pinged a few times by people excited to be learning about new idols to follow — that’s the whole idea!

The actual Round 2 post will go live at 0:00 EDT tomorrow, Wednesday, March 23. This preview is to give everybody a chance to consider the match-ups and make some BOLD PREDICTIONS.

#1 Babymetal, “Megitsune” vs. #8 Screaming Sixties, “Only Place We Can Cry”

I’m pretty sure that every person on this site knows “Megitsune,” from gorgeous chorus to knife-pull to windmill headbang. And of course — it’s a great song by maybe the standard bearer of idols in metal. But how well do you know “Only Place We Can Cry”? If you like punk, it’s a great song; if you like rock, it’s a great song; if you have a soul, it’s a great song. Babymetal ran out of easy competition in the first round; can Screaming Sixties score the upset of the Corenament?
Prediction: Babymetal 60%-Screaming Sixties 40%

#5 Party Rockets GT, “Kasabuta” vs. #13 Kamen Joshi, “Soul”

This will sound like damning with faint praise, but it’s meant sincerely: Kamen Joshi got ahead in the metal conference tournament and then won out in Round 1 thanks to well-organized fan support, the same support that advanced a mature, metallic pop song in a runaway route. Party Rockets GT, on the other hand, were locked in a neck-and-neck battle with a sleeper favorite and seemed to earn it the old-fashioned way. There’s a great clash of styles here, loaded up with a ton of pro songwriting and well-trained performance.
Prediction: Party Rockets GT 48%-Kamen Joshi 52%
BOLDER PREDICTION: If Party Rockets GT wins here, they win it all.

#2 The Spunky, “Rock ‘n’ Roll and Idol and I” vs. #7 Deathrabbits, “Koisuru Kisetsu”

While they weren’t the biggest upset, Deathrabbits were definitely the biggest surprise of the first round. Their fans traveled well and supported them against a sentimental favorite playing on emotion. Those advantages won’t be there against The Spunky, who have committed fans of their own. Despite by far being the youngest matchup in the bracket, here is a real test of wills, perpetual sunny fun against tongue-in-cheek death pop. We may set a voting record between these two.
Prediction: The Spunky 53%-Deathrabbits 47%

#3 PassCode, “Club Kids Never Die” vs. #6 BiSH, “BiSH – Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni”

This could have easily been our final, but the conference finals and seeding system cursed both of these heavy-hitters with tough paths just to get to the Final Four (“Final Core”? Not even I am that ridiculous.). And now they meet, idolcore #1 vs. idolcore #2, “Club Kids” ready for a thousand remixes and “Hoshi ga …” setting a hard punk standard. If the fans know what’s good for them, they won’t miss a second of this match.
Prediction: PassCode 43%-BiSH 57%

Am I crazy? Drunk? Just plain wrong? We’ll know for sure in a few days. In the meantime, how do you see this round shaking out? Give your best guess in the comments — the reader with the best total prediction wins … A FIRM PAT ON THE BACK!

Looking Ahead

Based on the above, here’s our Final Four:

  1. Babymetal, “Megitsune” vs. Kamen Joshi, “Soul”
  2. The Spunky, “Rock ‘n’ Roll and Idol and I” vs. BiSH, “BiSH – Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni”

Babymetal def. Kamen Joshi
BiSH def. The Spunky

Corenament Final: Babymetal def. BiSH

You’re not going to let the #1 seed win, are you?

16 thoughts on “2016 Homicidols Corenament Round 2 Preview

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  2. I sincerely hope the Passcode fans come out to this one. BiSH is good and all…but.. 😉

    And holy (are we ok with swearing here? Are we concerned about children and image?)…Kamen Joshi with one of my surprise new favorite songs vs. Party Rockets with a song I listen to a few times literally every day?! There brackets are terrible, terrible things sir…cruel, heartless things. I know I could have looked at the brackets myself earlier, but seeing it official in writing puts a whole different realism on that battle.

    • Swear away!

      You think this bracket is tough? You should’ve seen the first predicted version. Example: Babymetal’s potential path went something like Deep Girl -> PassCode -> BiSH -> Fruitpochette. Having Kamen Joshi, The Spunky and Deathrabbits crash the party was a welcome surprise, but it shuffled the seeds and that murderers’ row up there was lost to the what-ifs of history.

    • Destroyers latest update; 3222016-13:30, “Implementation of guerrilla tactics are imminent. Cryptic alliances have been formed to ensure victory. Retribution is at hand.

        • Do you not know the Destroyers of which we speak??? A song was recently written in their honor. A word of advice, shelter in place, prepare for incoming. All available weapons shall be discharged upon command, zero hour is nigh.

      • Message received. Please relay the following message, use decipher code:Txx2**Kzz0#10N. Jgtrye wre kjnmbvfb sqqa tuykj thfgey d vncbx spgkf d thbva.

  3. My heart is still broken over having to pick between old favorites PassCode and newest addiction Yukueshirezutsurezure. Now, a vote for BM is a vote against Screaming 60s? This is like Sophie’s Choice, man… how can I make a decision like that?!!

    And I just have to say: The Spunky is THE best restorative after drowning yourself in Yami Kawaii. I’m starting to love those little punks.

  4. “Only Place We Can Cry” is a cool song… but yeah, seeee yoouuu!
    Babymetal: 75%

    I have to admit, I haven’t really listened to Kamen Joshi’s “Soul” in the first round because You’ll Melt More’s “Only You” is a beast of a song that I wanted to have a long run in the Corenament.
    But now I gave “Soul” a proper listen and yeah, awesome track! “Kasabuta” is a good song, too. But I think maybe “Miraie” would’ve been a stronger opponent. So the imo better song and bigger fanbase will lead to the winner.
    Kamen Joshi: 65%

    Deathrabbits… first they kicked out Ladybaby, then Guso Drop. That’s not cool. Like at all. But one thing is quite certain: This could be the most entertaining match-up in the whole Corenament. Both have really dedicated fans who will fight this battle til the very end… where the bunnies finally get… spunked (lame joke is lame, sorry).
    The Spunky: 51% / EXTRA PREDICTION: 600+ votes total

    Last but not least, the most interesting match-up: PassCode vs. BiSH. The clash of the titans – at least for me. I love and nominated both songs. So I guess I have to flip a coin before I vote myself… I predict PassCode as the winner because I think they have a few more fans here.
    PassCode: 55%

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