2016 Homicidols Corenament Final

OMG IT’S FINALLY OVER! Thanks to everybody who voted, shared, commented and contributed. What a rush.

Congratulations to Kamen Joshi for mustering one of the most genuinely touching GOTV efforts I ever could have imagined, and congratulations to their fans in Japan and around the world who proudly repped the Mask Girls. You cared!

There’s no shame in being #2 to that. BiSH, you had a great run, seriously providing a ton of drama and ripping out hearts every step of the way. Come back hungrier next year!

And in our match for #3, The Spunky prevailed over Screaming Sixties. Both of our punk units turned heads throughout and will no doubt get a lot of attention going forward.

Fuller recap to follow. This just makes it official (and archives all of that mess).

Well, the climax may have been a bit ruined for us, but we still made it! And you know what’s interesting? After all the drama and some really disappointed people (ironically, I called that on Facebook), we still wound up with a really compelling final match.

They’re both queens of their domains. One took the idol concept in radical directions without straying too far from what idol really means; the other is the new leader of the anti-idols, in name if not in fact. They’ve performed together, supported each other and done some of the biggest stages of anybody in the game, and all in the past year.

So alike, but so different. BiSH, the inheritors of BiS‘s legacy and name. Kamen Joshi, the supergroup with its own geek-culture theater.

It would only be right to make a final round between the two of them as bizarre as possible.


The Curveball Deux:

Are you ready to hate me?


Some of you love BiSH and “Hoshi ga …” Some of you love Kamen Joshi and “SOUL.” That’s great. But are you just here to reflexively vote, or do you have a reason?

You can see the results so far, which are cumulative. Kamen Joshi’s walking off with an additional 100 points per the earlier-stated stipulation. Their lead is commanding, but not insurmountable.

For the final phase of the Corenament Final, it’s time for the real fans to make the real difference.

Go to the comments. What I want from the voters (now open to anybody and everybody) is to say WHO they really want to win, WHY they deserve to be the champion, and GIVE AN EXAMPLE of those idols’ best work, video or Soundcloud or whatever works.

And there’s an extra catch: You can do this for ANYBODY who’s been in the Corenament, but all comments in support of anybody not here in the Final will be AWARDED TO THE GROUP THAT BEAT THEM, rolling all the way up here to the final. So if you’re a huge FruitPochette fan and want to represent them, you’re also supporting BiSH. Guso Drop? Kamen Joshi. Here’s the bracket for use as reference:

The group with the most pro-them comments at midnight, 24:00 EDT in the USA, will receive a 300 point bonus.

I’m providing an example in the comments; see this one. English, Spanish, Portugese, Japanese, whatever language works for you, use it. This is your testimonial for who’s the best.

Get to it.

Consolation Round

I had mentioned yesterday that we’d still crown ourselves a #3, and our accidental entrants to this step are actually a pretty good pair for it.

The Spunky were one of Deathrabbits’ victims along the way, and now get a chance to see if their OMG SO CATCHY promise has what it takes to wear a Corenament badge. Screaming Sixties lost to Babymetal fair and square, but the elimination of their rival due to a bit o’ fraud means we get them back for one more shot.

Nothing out of the ordinary for this one. Just under 24 hours, beginning now, running to 24:00. Pick your punk poison.


Can’t stress these enough; even though I’d put it in ever Corenament post to that point, I had someone argue about the possible bot earlier today. Please don’t do that. I have to draw lines in how much money I put into this site somewhere, and superfluous game elements are going to take a back seat to things like hosting and custom code and other essential tools. So, please, follow the rules.

  • Vote for the song you think is best. Not the one you like more, not the group you love, but the song.
  • Vote once per device. Use the honor system.
  • Remember, this is purely for fun. That means fun for people other than you, too, so just be fair.
  • All voting closes at midnight, 24:00, on April 4. If there are ties (this will make more sense when the other steps play out), voting will still close, and we’ll determine our winner/s by other means.

Got it? Good.

45 thoughts on “2016 Homicidols Corenament Final

  1. Quite befitting that two groups with perhaps the longest lineage, find themselves in the final round. Both planting their seeds in late 2010/early 2011, both starting out somewhat weak by today’s standards, but both starting to find their groove by the end of 2011. Quite a parallel journey for the most part, until one went dark and twisted, while the other went fun and humorous.Of course that is giving the benefit of the doubt to BiSH, as their only link to BiS is the production crew/label. Whereas Alice #10 being the “Big Sister” unit within KamenJoshi, still survives today despite no label support. While both experienced many trials and line-up changes, it’s great that we have some groups with some pedigree in this relatively new genre. Perhaps we have the beginnings of our own “Big Four” of hard idols Obviously Babymetal gets the nod, BiS/BiSH, Alice #10/Kamen Joshi, who else has some deep roots?? Perhaps our humble site host may like this idea and possibly make a game or poll of sorts out of it???

  2. The Spunky so cute in this make-up but my vote with Screaming Sixties for ther metal music.

    • Hey Jax, you don’t like their cover version? It’s apparent that H.Maniac is a believer of the classic phrase often used in sports and entertainment, “your only as good as your last effort”. He did bend the rules slightly in a previous round regarding cover songs(Passcode I think). KJ definitely turned the original on its ear and put their trademark sound all over it.

      • I have considered Jaxson’s point and Tara44DD’s response, and I will come down on the side of what I can actually do from where I am, which is very little. 🙂 I wasn’t aware that it was a cover, but it is a good point that I included a PassCode cover because it may as well have been theirs, anyway. It is also a good point (sez me) that it hardly matters; even with the reminder that I’m about to put out, Mask Girls are in the process of putting this one to bed in a hurry. Only the kind of zany antics that will exist in the evening can save BiSH’s skin now!

      • However: Jaxson, thank you for the new song. I know that I promised to update the crap out of Kamen Joshi based on what you’ve shared, and I’ll have time to do that in the next few days, now that this thing will finally be over.

        • No worries my friend. Please allow us to assist if needed, as we are well versed in the ways of the Mask. There are quite a number of notable and interesting cross promotions they’ve done with songs over the past year including, energy drinks, basketball teams, cake buffet cafe’s, restaurants, yo-yo companies and anime.

  3. I, the Homicidol Maniac, am officially outing myself as a ridiculously massive Party Rockets GT fan.

    WHO: Party Rockets GT
    WHY: Because nobody rocks harder and sweeter than this ever-changing group of teenagers. I had them as my preferred winner from the very beginning and put my money where my mouth was in the predictions.
    EXAMPLE: “Kasabuta” is a tremendous damn rock song and one of the best that hard idols have ever put out. In a just world, it’d be here right now fighting to be the champ.

  4. I think BiSH should totally win because they are amazing anti-idols that are doing a great job as the sucessors of the amazing and grounbreaking group BiS
    The song Hoshi Ga Matataku Yoru Ni is an amazing pop rock tune and it’s mv is a great music video with an amazing concept. BiSH is incredible and, in my opinion, the best one between all these groups!

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  6. I think BiSH should totally win because they are amazing anti-idols that are doing a great job as the sucessors of the amazing and grounbreaking group BiS
    The song Hoshi Ga Matataku Yoru Ni is an amazing pop rock tune and it’s mv is a great music video with an amazing concept. BiSH is incredible and, in my opinion, the best one between all these groups!

  7. Passcode deserves to be in this final.

    The wide range of styles that they incorporate into their music is amazing: From super hard breakdowns to the more recent electronic tendencies, they have something for everyone, and no song of theirs gets boring.
    Since this genre is Idol METAL, the fact that they have rough vocals along with clean vocals gives them major credit. And that those vocals are sung by an idol member of the group gives them even more credit. Yuna Imada is a very talented vocalist, and has nowhere to go but up in the world of rough female vocals.
    On top of the brutal parts, they can also sing, which is showcased in their slower songs (“Over There” and “From Here”). These really show off that they are the sum of ALL of the parts of the band, not just carried by one strong member.
    They are here to stay and can bring the noise in spades.

    As for a song, since there are so many different styles that this band uses, the best example would be one that incorporates them all, albeit in a somewhat schizophrenic fashion. If you know who they are at all, you KNOW this is Passcode from less than 10 seconds into the song; that is how strong the presence of this band is.
    This is 激動プログレッシブ:

    • And now I miss Yuri. 🙁

      But seriously, phillter, you summed it up very well. Passcode – the first Idol group that I super enjoyed after BABYMETAL sent me searching for more. Speaking of BM, Yachi had quite a few photos of her in her BM swag, which added to my excitement for them. I remember them playing a show somewhere(in Japan obviously) about 1.5 – 2 years ago(forget exact time frame) and twitter just started blowing up with how great that show was. Next thing you know, they announce their first wanman tour, and the rest is history.

      “They are here to stay and can bring the noise in spades.” – phillter

  8. Who? The successors of the anti-idol majesty, BiSH!

    Why? They are doing an amazing job! They are cute but punk and quirky! They have amazing video concepts and I love how their clothes are simple but on point! When I saw the first news about BiSH, I didn’t care about them that much, but I fell in love with Yukako (because of her name [it’s a Jojo reference] and her AMAZING VOICE), I really only cared about her but when I listened to their songs I was really surprised! The songs were as good as BiS songs! So I learned about the members!
    Momoko is really awesome, I love her personality and I loved when she had bad manners at TV (lol it sounds funny but I found it cool as hell). Also she looks like a quirky baby duck, so cute!
    Aina is awesome, she’s a cute small baby with a monster voice inside her! She’s also a great dancer, you can see that in PARALLEL’S Look at me video!
    Hugmii is also awesome, she likes BL just like me hehehe
    Chitti is a great leader too! She’s a strong girl.
    Atsuko is a very pretty girl, I love girls with glasses! Also her voice is very great!
    Ling Ling, the queen of the selfies! She has a reeeeeaaaaally good musical taste, and she’s cute!ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
    Yukako…my dear Yukako…I miss her! I really wanted to see her as an idol because I already saw her as a band frontgirl! She would be awesome with her powerful voice and stage charisma. And she likes Jojo!!! Her name was a Yukako Yamagishi (and her stand named Love Deluxe) reference!

    Song: Spark, an emotional song, with amazing lyrics and angelical voices. My favorite BiSH song, I will cover it in the future! This song fits them so much. (I miss Yukako…)

    (Sorry for the long post :x)

    – Lecchi

  9. Well then, Let the biases be unleashed. Kamen Joshi lover for sure. Known around my place as the “second great discovery of 2013″. I’ll start my reasoning based on what Tara44DD started this comment section with. (1) LINEAGE: They have a long history and a deep discography, more so than any group I can find, near 40 songs WITHOUT any label support Attained #1 on the Oricon chart , a first for underground female Idols, and yet to be matched They have been planting seeds and growing their fan base for over five years while still maintaining some key members. all while developing a signature sound based around their multiple vocal layering ability. (2) FUN : My initial attraction to this genre was it was fun or happy metal. Anyone who cares to observe the”Daily Alice” videos, uploaded daily on their youtube channel, will certainly agree that they seem to having a blast with their whole concept. Remember, hard & heavy doesn’t have to be dark & gloomy. (3) COURAGE: It takes a lot of guts to stalk the streets of Akihabara, (you know the turf of the biggest idol group in the world AKB) and proceed to plant your flag on their turf, (literally around the corner) build your own theater twice the size, and some say more modern and continue to build your fanbase on the back of 2 and sometimes 3 shows a day. They’ve consistently built their following landing at Budokan (opening act for a VK band) multiple visits to Zepp Tokyo stages, including last weekends successful “Joshi Fest 2016 Vol.1. Their biggest show to date occurred just a few months ago at the massive Saitama Super Arena, released April 20th 2016 for all to see. Again all these accomplishments WITHOUT any label support. A true “Indie” underground effort if there ever was one They’re not dubbed “Queens of the Underground” for nothing. I’ll leave you with this example of their hard work, including complex choreography, it’s one thing to choreo between 5 or 6 members, 18 members is quite a larger task. This is “Mousou Nikki” a single released in Dec. 2011, just one year after inception, as you can see they where beginning to find their groove. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6EL_tNySds

  10. Having traced their legacy all the way back to the awkward and charming solo songs of Pour Lui in 2009, following their story, it seems like only BiSH can be the true victors. Having worked their way up from nothing to major-label recognition in the space of a year while constantly releasing quality music really shows the talent and power of everyone involved with them – not just the members, but the SCRAMBLES team, the staff, and the fans too.

    My favourite of their songs has to be “Saraba Kana” (https://soundcloud.com/bishidol/salovercana), which is the one that convinced me after some doubts that they’d definitely be worthwhile successors to the BiS I’d loved.

  11. KAMEN JOSHI , The Queens of the Underground. No one can touch their visual presentation. What’s more anti-idol than idols covering their faces with horror movie masks, gas masks and medieval armor masks?? Add that to 18 synchronized headbangers with weapons including chainsaws and axes.These are not opinions, they’re facts, and +1 to all the factual data Jaxson noted above. Here’s a full set from Zepp Tokyo for your viewing pleasure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGVRaFp2KO8

  12. Can’t really add much to the facts above about Kamen Joshi, but what I can add is they possess a certain level of sex appeal that few others can match. They have over 2 million likes on Facebook due in large part to that appeal. What else could you possibly want?? Hot , sexy headbangers x18 doing stage diving, crowd surfing. If the point of this is to determine fanbase, then the complete package must be included. see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhp3AvJWWfo

  13. Uh…….Hello. Babymetal? Maybe you have heard of them. You know, the band that is traveling the world, who defined a genre with one song about chocolate. The ultimate kawaii girls with legendary musicians backing them, and a stage show like no other All others pale in comparison. All hale the Fox God. Get Some https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIKqgE4BwAY

  14. BABYMETAL FTW. The group that created their own genre,while at the same time making the “Trooo Metalheads” actually cry in some cases. HaHa. what else can you say, without them this website might not even exist much less some of the obvious wannabe groups that popped up soon after. This page isn’t long enough to list all of their accomplishments. Babymetal rules and if they quite tomorrow in 20 years people will still be talking about them. Kitsune Up.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIKqgE4BwAY

  15. BABYMETAL THE ONE AND ONLY. First song I ever heard was Catch me if you can, hooked ever since. Rolled thru Budocan at such an early age, saw them at Sonisphere in 2014, which is considered a defining moment where a legend was born, at least in the west. The only true idol group with a backing band, A great backing band. For your money you’ll never be more entertained by one group. This is still my favorite song, you never forget your first time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhGdyS6pAzw

  16. Dear official,

    WHO: Kamen Joshi

    WHY: Because their works include various elements (ex: metal, punk rock,  rap, Irish.) Although Kamen Joshi look just pure girls, they show powerful performance at many concerts not only in their own theater.

    EXAMPLE: “Dai! Gyaku! Ten!” the big comeback, is one of Kamen Joshi’s killer tunes. This piece adovocates their way; some members of Kamen Joshi had failed in other auditions, but now have become great performers!

    I firmly believe that Kamen Joshi acquires Homicidols Award!

  17. Kamen Joshi. The only indie underground female idol group to reach #1 on Oricon. Nuff said. Stumbled upon their theater in Akiba a couple of years ago, by accident, and i will never forget how kind and accommodating the staff and fans where. The girls turned that place inside out within 5 minutes of hitting the stage and kept the fans in the palm of their hands like few acts I have ever seen. They where stage diving, fans being launched in the air, crowd surfing in inflatable boats It was magic, nothing like just listening to the cd’s. A true live act.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRgWc7GaPWw

  18. Kamen Joshi. They already won by a landslide in a fair vote. But that is par for the course for the Mask Girls, just one more obstacle in their path. just when you think they are done, they come right back at you again. the true underdogs that refuse to give up. I has become their trademark besides the killer songs the horror pop looks The fighting spirit of 18 strong will not be denied. That’s why we love them, plus they are sexy as hell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRgWc7GaPWw

  19. kamen joshi. I only say this one time. HEADBANGERS IN BIKINIS, like duh.what else do you want in life.Hardbody Anna can do no wrong in my book Cool ass rock/punk/metal songs with their rivals of Steam Girls doing their badass edm style with spike studded gas masks, throw in the Armor Girls with their “acid trip through the shire” folk metal you got yourself a band. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvuOwXxdQlY

  20. Hey Maniac, a big high five for all the time and effort you put into this event.Aside from the few hiccups along the way, it seems to be mostly positive results in the end. A brief,personal,positive boost from the Joshi camp. Youtube, being the only social site I’m involved with, I reached out to an individual who makes KJ fan videos and posted your site link in his comment section. Turns out this person is a well connected “Destroyer”, professional “lifter” and “small boat operator”. This was on the evening KJ got the big surge vs BM. Coincidence? maybe, maybe not. However, from that point henceforth, the idols themselves became somewhat involved.We had several interactions leading up to the Finals. After the final scores were tallied last night, I posted a comment on his latest video, thanking him for the extra support and to pass along our gratitude to the idols for all they did in kind. He in turn relayed my comments to @snow_of_cherry, who is Yuki Sakura of Alice #10/Kamen Joshi, and my note of thanks and encouragement to all members,now resides on her twitter page. Perhaps they were unaware of any interested parties in the west prior to all these events, but they are aware now, and for me personally, when I make my journey to Akiba later this year, I hope to interact with these fine folks in person, Thanx to you and this little game you created. Kitsune Up, Mask On. https://twitter.com/search?vertical=default&q=snow_of_cherry&src=typd

  21. So…did anyone get their bracket predictions very far? I know mine were squashed pretty early on haha (^^ゞ

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