2016 Homicidols Corenament Final Four

The final round is being held here.

Here are your semifinal results: Kamen Joshi def. Babymetal fair and square (I think); BiSH defeated Deathrabbits because of dirty rotten cheaters. Details on all of that here.

Details for the final and consolation matches will be placed in a separate post. They will be held Monday, April 4, 0:00 to 24:00 EDT. The original post, including the faulty results, is preserved below. 


Everybody take a deep breath: We finally got here. Some of the most beloved hard idols in the game never even had a chance to compete, and others who did earn a seed were surprisingly bounced early. But with all of that behind us, here we are, facing our Final Four.

If you haven’t seen it yet, read up on the preview. The Corenament isn’t kind, but it will reward its victor almost completely with pride.

If you’re new to the game, or if you’re confused despite my constant hammering home of how this works, here are the basic rules:

  • This is a song vs. song vote. You may be the world’s biggest BiSH fan, but be honest about whether you like “Hoshi ga …” more than “Koisuru Kisetsu.” We want our champion to earn it, not just have the most fans voting.
  • You can vote once per device, period. To keep the Corenament results somewhat honest, I’m also prepared to disqualify a contestant if I see any funny business in the data.
  • To make things a little bit more interesting, I have introduced a substitution system by which each group’s fans can swap in what they feel is a better song for the matchup or to invigorate a weak performance. Read about it in the Final Four preview.
  • You will also see there that this is a two-day affair; voting runs until 24:00 EDT on Saturday, April 2.
  • The final will be held for the 24 hours of Monday, April 4, 0:00 to 24:00 EDT.
  • And in something completely new, because it seems like we had a good time here, the overall vote-total results of the entire Corenament, plus the entry competitions, will be used to create the inaugural Homicidol Power Rankings, which will in turn be used to play a completely different kind of game, but one that I hope will lead to interesting things.

So. Here’s the bracket, just in case you need to see it one more time to feel the absolute gravity of what you’re about to do:

Now vote!

Due to a need to catch a bot, I froze voting at the last point at which I had it recorded before the activity discovered; the totals at the time were BiSH 272 – Deathrabbits 274. These numbers will be added back to the total if it can be determined that the vote was an honest one.

This match is like an 80s teen comedy with a Very Important moral at its center. On the one hand, you have BiSH, official inheritors of what’s probably the legacy at the heart of all of this, purposeful and fierce; on the other, you have Deathrabbits, the quirky high-effort kids who pull lots of pranks and wait for big moments to get one over on the bigger kids who tried to bully them. But BiSH is also the nerd, eminently professional about what they do, no matter how off-kilter it might be, and Deathrabbits is more akin to the beer-bonging jock. Deathrabbits has proven themselves capable of vanquishing any foe, but can they do it again against who might be the baddest of them all?

Substitution Songs

BiSH Deathrabbits

Due to a need to catch a bot, I froze voting at the last point at which I had it recorded before the activity discovered; the totals at the time were Babymetal 313 – Kamen Joshi 383. These numbers will be added back to the total if it can be determined that the vote was an honest one.

This is an almost perfect match. The overall #1, Babymetal, the prime movers of idol metal, clashing with what might be the group that most resembles them, Kamen Joshi, the #13 who’s been Cinderellaing their way through the Corenament from the very beginning. Both have great, highly professional songs representing them, and both have a deep bench to draw from. This one could come down to free throws.

Substitution Songs

Babymetal Kamen Joshi

Many thanks to everybody who’s participated so far — your nominations, votes and word-spreading have made the Corenament a very cool experience that we’ll be able to keep building on for a long time to come!

24 thoughts on “2016 Homicidols Corenament Final Four

  1. *********** A WARNING TO BISH ************** Rabbits can be vile,nasty little creatures,especially when cornered. Your only hope is to obtain the “Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch”, otherwise you should……. “Run Away…………Run Away”. Is the following video an example of Bish’s dire portent ?????? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmu5sRIizdw

  2. BABYMETAL Vs Kamen Joshi: 585 votes? 😮
    And Kamen Jopshi the leader???
    It’s not cheating. Oh of course not !!
    😀 😀 😀

  3. My last words on this page.
    BISH is an average japanese idol group. Nothing special.
    But DEATHRABBITS is unique. 🙂
    If BISH win this match, congratulations.
    Good night my friends!!

  4. BiSH must be a normal group now but they are the BiS “daughters” and BiS was THE group so we’re rooting for BiSH! #GoBiSH #THISISFORBiS
    And: the world doesn’t revolve around DEATHRABBITS. Thank you.

  5. I must apologise to BiSH. Due to me staying up till the wee small hours of the morning to watch Babymetal at Wembley on numerous dodgy periscope streams, their ususal last minute surge didnt happen as I was asleep. I am ashamed.

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