2! 2 2& PVs! Ha Ha Ha!

If you don’t like Sesame Street, you can eat one

Hey team! It’s been a mess of a morning, but I didn’t want to let it get away without a proper Thursday Hurtsday entry; and, thanks to a friend, I’m even changing up my original plans.

One of last year’s toughest graduations was Saki from Guso Drop. It was all a positive career move over all, and has so far led to some fairly wild stuff from the new blood among the Heaviest Idol in the World, plus good developments for Saki in her solo guise as 2&.

TY Pukovnik Krv!

Fittingly, it’s two videos in one!

There are apparently a whole mess of inside jokes and little Easter egg references to everything from Daichi’s old band to Saki’s mom in these; I was forwarded a little primer by our friendly source, but it’d be way more fun if you guys tried to guess what some of the different pieces are, and then we can all laugh together about it.

6 thoughts on “2! 2 2& PVs! Ha Ha Ha!

  1. So good! I love the new GuDro members, but I miss Saki. I’m glad to hear this new stuff. I’m guessing Brown Bunny is Daichi’s old band. I wonder if there are any of their recordings online. I think I might go on a search.

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