100 Days of Tsurezure, Days 35 and 36: Recovery

So yesterday happened. Or rather, it didn’t; nothing Twittery came from the Tsurezureverse, and while I always kind of planned on just posting videos and fan club stuff on days without actual activity from members/official, I also had a moment where I thought, this is something that could happen regularly, and there’s only so much video, and oh it’s a lovely day I’d rather be outside, so the gamble was played to wait for 24 hours and see what happened. Fortunately, things did! Kind of!

“Tsuya’s cats” have been declared the 100 Days MVP by me, because who doesn’t like cats and/or Tsuyame? The cats are down the road. As for Tsuyame herself?

I didn’t even bother reading this before I grabbed the embed code; I just wanted to post The Daily Shidare:

The most interesting thing, though? Cococo’s strange penguin egg thing seems to actually be harboring some sort of life.

I am suddenly reminded of this and this and help me.

Komachi Komachied:

And, of course, the cats:

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  1. Any word on that duet album with Shidare and Miki from Gang Parade, and their new idol group called The Green [H]ombres? They announced it in a dream I had.

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