100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 97: Image

I never really appreciated idol photography, the selfies and outifts and promo shots and the like, until the 100 Days, and I think part of why I learned to see its power is because the NSLE members do it so well. They also reveal a lot about themselves.

Like, for instance, that Cococo is actually at least two people:

And that Tsuyame doesn’t have the ability to blink:

Komachi is at her most photogenic when trying to murder milcboy:

Shidare has the smallest neck of any adult person alive:

Bonus team photo:

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  1. Google Play correspondent here, Loud Asymmetry is still nowhere to be found. I have no reason not to expect its arrival, since all of their other releases are there. Nothing has changed with their label representation, right?
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