100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 96: Senpai

The press tour and attendant attention continues for the fine women of Yukueshirezutsurezure, and look at some of the names they’re being associated with:

Somebody asked senpai to be noticed for Christmas!

Shidare’s kind of the hero for the day. First, eating a big-ass chunk of watermelon:

And then for asking you to please use the hashtags so she can read your tweets in a way that really only she can:

Komachi, a true treasure of humanity if there ever was one, managed to pull off first the crucial all-black-in-a-car look —

— and followed it up by donning all white and giving her commentary on collaborating with Gauche on stage:

This impressed Tsuyame so much —

— that she went on a bender of Komachi-like utterances directed toward the relevant hashtags:

Cococo as well, but at least she had the decency to pose with a bottle of watermelon juice or something: