100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 92: Imaginarium

Things weren’t looking too interesting on the NSLE front until I finally found Komachi being Komachi:

I believe that it’s meant to say “Kansai,” but I really want to believe that it says “Kansas,” because why would it, why would Komachi wear it (except “Komachi”), and what would it mean if she did?

I don’t have a good answer for that, except the possibility that Komachi is a deep-down fan of the Topeka Train Robbers, but it did say, hey, what other accidental things do the Tsurezure members have to say on Twitter?

Like with Cococo here, whose choice of attire says, I wear British Knights and it’s 1991 and I do dance routines at the mall as part of a club:

For Shidare, her not-so-secret desire to live an 8-bit life for the old Famicom as a character in a game about a girl in a straight jacket who uses the power of her twin tails and incredibly harsh voice to battle through six levels of melancholy, sadness, angst and grief?

It was the rare day that Tsuyame didn’t tweet, which I took not as her reluctance to participate, but rather her expression of sheer nihilism, an acknowledgement that nothing performed by humans truly matters, for all is doomed in the inevitable heat death of the universe.

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