100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 9: Trepidation

We got a special little treat for 100 Days of Tsurezure, you guys — here’s a clip of live video from their free one-man in Osaka that happened about 24 hours ago but I think is just technically “last night”? Anyway, from syva, who writes the stuff:

Yeah, it’s old news, but I wanted to include it because hey, live video! And also because, are you going to see them in Canada? And additionally, you guys, this is what some of us are going to see beginning on Friday! It’s not too late to join in!

That being acknowledged, though, our idols themselves were a little on the quiet side since the show (Cococo didn’t tweet at all!), and I finally noticed something.

Isn’t it interesting how not at all synchronous these people are? They have some things to tweet in common (for instance, a one-man or a tour or a release), but their overall Twitter presence is largely independent and disconnected from one another.

For instance? Here’s Tsuya today:

Or, rather, yesterday, because she hasn’t tweeted since. I honestly only took it because, hey, a photo of Tsuya! Along with that, though, you have Shidare seeming to be both eager and apprehensive to depart for Canada:

And Komachi, who I never really understand, but she has a flair for photography:

I imagine that they’re going to be departing for Toronto fairly soon, and then we might have to scrounge a little bit for content until they start enthusiastically tweeting photos of moose and Mounties and poutine and stuff (they could arguably even swing by Ottawa for a hockey game!), so this feature could go a little dark. But fun so far!

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  1. CoCoCo is too busy tuning up her spacecraft to tweet. These girls don’t fly United or JAL.

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