100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 7: Making up for Day 6

Tremendous apologies, folks, for somehow skipping right over yesterday’s look in at Not Secured, Loose Ends: I thought that I’d hit publish, but I guess I lost track of it in the midst of that random and pointless Alloy thing.

At any rate, Day 6 was a missing, but what does Day 7 bring?

The official account remains boring, is one thing! They have just two more shows left in the “pandemic” tour, separated by a little trip to a large northern North American country:

Cococo has the unique ability to make herself look like some kind of human-alien hybrid:

Komachi, who’s like the warrior poet of the group apparently, got reflective as usual:

And then into a long-ass one-exchange conversation with fans; the worst-translated (or she’s just that sexually liberated) has to be this:

The more Tsuya thinks about her trip upcoming trip, it seems, the most she wants to talk about “all around the world” kinds of things:

And Shidare, as only a leader can and really should do, made sure that everybody knew she was being adorable when she put together the setlist for tomorrow’s show:

Idols be banal! Also, Day 6 was extremely lame, so we don’t need to feel too badly about the miss.

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  1. Not to turn this feature into Chris’ Shopping Show but I inevitably cracked and bought that mix CD in the end. I’ll let you know whether or not it was a waste of money when it eventually gets here.

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