100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 53: Esoteric

There’s a gloss of cuteness over something far more sinister in NSLE Land today.

For instance, Shidare and her dog:

Look at the machine translation for a laugh

Shida is also acting as if totally smitten with her own groupmates’ doing stuff on stage.

Given the relationship between the two, it may be that this is some kind of code. After all, why would the group’s leader choose today, of all days, to highlight their togetherness?

Indeed, neither Cococo nor Komachi is anywhere to be seen. HOW PECULIAR.

Tsuyme gamely attempted to keep up the ruse by acting as cute and pretty as possible. Basically, “I look good no matter what, so ha”:

Correction, my young friend: Nobody looks good in black socks when wearing a blue dress. Not even me. And I see right through your ruse.