100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 42: Obscura

Much like my new contention that Cococo is, going forward, a terrible human-penguin hybrid who will eventually flipper her way underground to a sewer lair where she and her various minions and henchmen will launch plots against the world above, I’ve developed a rough idea of what it is that’s motivating Komachi.

See, way back in the day, there was a philosopher, a Greek Ephesian named Heraclitus, who was known for being kind of a mess emotionally and for works that could best be described as cryptic, series of utterances that spelled out his vision but often contradictory. While a major innovator in Greek philosophy, he nonetheless was a person apart.

So now consider Komachi. She doesn’t shy away from the camera, but she likes to use diffuse light to obscure the boundaries of subject and background*, and filters to wash out color. She’s definitely the contemplative member. And when you add in her Twitter style?

We are yet to fully appreciate her genius.

As for the others on this fine Sunday, it’s Tsuyame again with food that I’m jealous of:

And of coure Shidare:

Co3 is presumably in her penguin guise at the moment.