100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 41: Birth

I’m dedicating this to Co-cubed, who tweets about as often as my boss showers (thrice per week!) but nonetheless shared this little bit about music and birds and having a nice holiday …

… then had a long-ass exchange with fans that I immediately lost track of, BUT it did culminate in this:

So just per yesterday, I think the correct theory as to the egg and her and her brain is that Co3 is in fact now facing a terrible future as a Danny DeVito-esque half-person-half-penguin monstrosity dwelling in the sewers of a major metropolis and somehow having incredible powers over animals and gadgets and campy decorations. But it’ll take a while for her to get there, so she’s got at least another year or so of idoling ahead of her. Thank goodness.

Komachi is clearly impressed:

Anything else? Just Tsuyame with some more Canada reflections:

Shidare as a cat?

What a bunch of weirdos.

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