100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 40: Multimedia

Well, in the end, we got not one announcement, but two!

The first is that there’s going to be a Codomomental radio thing:

Every Wednesday at 11:30 p.m. in Japan! Good for them. And, announcement #2, NSLE will have themselves a fan fest of sorts just like big sisters Zenkimi:

I take all of these developments as being very good things. Keep building that reach. Keep connecting with fans. Keep being awesome.

And now for the members’ portion!

This photo from Shidare implies that she and Co3 are best friends who spend the night together, probably after staying up late to watch movies and drink off-brand soft drinks and eat popcorn and gossip about Boss-san and the other members. Nothing mean, just the kinds of inside jokes that friends share together and then bring up when in the bigger group, knowing full well that nobody else gets it, but it’s good to show the other person that you care about them and also communicates that you’re BFFs and nobody else is allowed into that little circle. Or, possibly, Shidare just visited her pal and they thought that it’d be fun to snap a photo. Neither explanation covers why Shida looks like she’s dressed as an Elizabethan lady of the court, but I don’t think it really matters in her case.

Cococo in her own time actually just has a cat jumping out of her shirt:

Tsuya continues to eat better than all of us:

Komachi continues to be Komachi:

Fewer filters on this one, though!

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    • It did but she journeyed thru to the other side as a sort of reverse Lemmiwinks.
      I wonder if that Shidare and Co cubed pic is from Canada. Shidare looks to be wearing the same outfit she wore during her visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral Montreal and Co cubed has the dead Kenny shirt.

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