100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 32: Polyglot

Today would be a very quiet 100 Days day, friends, if NSLE official hadn’t stepped up with the kind of thing that we all wish and hope for: They added English lyrics to the “MISS SINS” video!

Also, just a few hours after I gave her some crap on Facebook for not Twittering as much as her mates, Cococo tweeted out this photo in which she looks like my neighbor:

But it was also a day to celebrate her and Tsuyame’s arrival on the Tsurezure shores after a very successful first year.

Co3 then had a little fun chatting with fans, which included the revelation that she digs/used to dig Weezer:

Idols, man.

Tsuya herself was awfully quiet, especially by her standards, so I’m opting to be totally correct and fair about that and assume that she got drunk as hell at her birthday/anniversary party and is nursing a massive hangover. Or, as was the case yesterday and is basically still the case today, it’s just not time for a ton of Twittering. Just Shidare, who finds signs of her superiority to other humans everywhere she looks:

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