100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 3: Suggestive

Welcome back to 100 Days of Tsurezure! If you’re curious as to what this is all about, welcome to the party. Yesterday was tremendously dull, but there’s at least a little bit of personality and spice to today’s proceedings.

Cococo is soliciting input on music to listen to while she waits out either headaches or rain or both?

Among the many replies is a fan suggesting Babymetal, which Co3 seems to dig:

The official account is still pumping their 20-song mix CD:

Shidare showed off one of the new T-shirts:

Tsuya has a problem that many of us do — there’s a big ol’ festival happening at a time when she’s otherwise obligated:

As for Komachi, girl ain’t doing much. Don’t worry about her.

Day 3! Better than 2. Remember, if you happen upon something interesting from the members that isn’t in here, chuck it into the comments!

3 thoughts on “100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 3: Suggestive

  1. Tw-twenty song mix CD?!

    (you don’t need it chris, you don’t need it, you doubtless already have every song on there, the “mixing” is probably even less slick than the BiS MiX, and you probably won’t even get to chuckle at “Six Fall Roar” coming on 14 times in a row)

    But there’s a copy right there on Yahoo Auctions. I could just…

    (NO chris, you already spend to much money on this stuff, you have seven other CDs on their way and DON’T forget that time you were very silly on an auction and spent 58 pounds on a Koutei Camera Girl Zwei single)


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