100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 17: Manifest

The Canadian adventures of Yukueshirezutsurezure Core Hate (I kind of love that) continue apace, though not for much longer, as their free headliner is now just a week away, and you’ll be able to see the members looking ahead to business yet to be done back home.

However, I want to continue to reflect on the outrageous honor of getting to interview NSLE in Toronto, and the tremendous job that Ariane did in chatting up the members and management, and in apparently becoming best friends in the process. I figured that it would be a popular item, given how well our overall community regards the Codomomental acts in general, but I didn’t expect that friggin’ waves of traffic that hit have been hitting the interview. It’s pretty great! And then I found a primary reason why:

Thanks for noticing, senpai! For what it’s worth, though, Ariane wasn’t the only one to catch up with Tsurezure; Kawaii Podcast met up with them in this cafe:

As for the members as they look ahead to their Canadian tour final?

I think I have Komachi figured out a little bit. For instance, she’s only a few days late in adding her unique reflections on time in Toronto:

Cococo and Shidare are stoked about Vancouver:

Meanwhile, Shida joins Tsuyame in already thinking ahead to home:

Cool stuff.

11 thoughts on “100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 17: Manifest

  1. So, my copy of that mix CD has arrived! Has some young DJ taken our favourite tunes and spiced them up with banging techno beats? Or have they recorded a special 20 song medley, Stars on 45 style?


    Completely as expected, the CD consists of 1-2 minute excerpts of 20 of their songs (so pretty much all of them, then), one after the other. Like the BiS MiX CD but without the equivalent comedy bits like “nerve” coming on fourteen times in a row or Megumi shouting “BiiiiSSS MiiiiiXX!” between songs. It’s excellent for it’s intended use of providing a freebie to introduce the group to people who may not be that familiar with their work, but not so good for an idiot gaijin who already has the full versions of these songs and has paid around 2000 yen to import it. It will now go on a shelf and never be played again and I’ll get the much more satisfying real albums out and play them instead. Have I learnt a lesson from this?


      • That’s the one. I did quite like that actually, a bit of thought and wit went into it. It came out the same day as Brand-new Idol SHiT and you were encouraged to buy both, with I dutifully did. It was one last celebration of BiS’s career (or one last kick of the dead horse if you were of a cynical mind). Over the next year or so, I did listen to that a few times with a bittersweet feeling and wishing they would return.

        Be careful what you wish for eh?

        (joking! I love nu-BiS really.)

  2. I got home last last night from Montreal and am going into SERIOUS Tsurezure withdrawal. They were so friendly and personable, I was really kinda shocked. They seem to have left that pourous wall idols are supposed to keep between themselves and fans back in Japan.

    I was also psyched that they loved the buttons I made for them and the goonjo and you will see Shidare and Tsuyame actually wearing them on their costumes for the shows. Too cool.


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