100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 16: Expansive

Welcome back to 100 Days of Tsurezure, the daily feature in which some jerk on the Internet cruises Twitter so you don’t have to! Oh, also, Papermaiden interviewed Not Secured, Loose Ends for the site, which you should read if you haven’t yet because it’s exceptional.

Now, if you recall, NSLE’s Canadian itinerary as part of Next Music from Tokyo took them to Toronto for two days, then Montreal, and Vancouver coming up next. Yesterday was Montreal, which would be immediately cleared up just from the sightseeing:

As for the performance?

The money clip:

The members then, having completed their task in the heart of francophone Canada, fully embraced the irony of sending messages in English:

Also, I hope that Tsuyame and Shidare just happened to buy the same souvenirs so far, and those aren’t, like, the souvenir batch for the group

And in an especially weird bit of serendipity, here’s MBG’s Megumi doing her best Komachi impersonation:

Some kind of quantum entanglement happens to blonde-haired idols who go to Canada, apparently.

2 thoughts on “100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 16: Expansive

  1. Tsuyame and Shidare ‘s roses and maple products are presents for the whole group, if I understand correctly . Which is not so bad if if consider that it’s more or less PURE SUGAR. So it’s a good way to not kill the girls and they have 4 items, so they can split at will.

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