Your Weekly Livestream Timetable No.5

Here’s your weekly collection of all of the livestream and #stayhome event info we can find.  I will add any new annoucements I see over the weekend so check back for updates. Feel free to DM me on Twitter (@daemetal) if you notice something is missing.

Livestream Timetable

Updated: May 22

PLEASE NOTE: All dates and times listed are Japan Standard Time (JST). Convert to your time here.

Friday, May 22nd (JST)

19:00 – LadyBeardTokyo Weekender Instagram Live Lockdown Party

21:00 – You’ll Melt MoreKechon Twitcast

21:00 – 9nine9nine online event 2020~ONLINEのON9NINE!~

Saturday, May 23rd (JST)

12:40 – FAREWELL, MY L.u.vStudio Live

14:00 – XOXO EXTREME & Others The Power to Believe – No Audience Stream Live –

17:30 – seireki13ya“FemtoNovaSet Tour〜attofoe from DIGITAL〜Day7”

19:00 – JyujyuNue-chan Cooking Show on YouTube

19:00 – 2&“Saki and Mariko’s Brain Land” ~ SPECIAL delivery 2 man ~

19:30 – TORICAGO“Uguisu Records vol.28”

20:00 – Melon Batake a gogo / The Grateful a MogAAAzGOLLIPOP RECORD Earth Defense Headquarters Special Class

22:00 – Gu-Gu LULUYouTube Live Broadcast

23:00 – Tsukasa (Yanakoto Sotto Mute) & Risano (lyrical school) – English Speaking Insta LIVE

Friends of Homicidols

10:00 (JST), 20:00 (CST) – AKIRATimora Talks: Virtual Instore featuring AKIRA

Sunday, May 24th (JST)

17:30 – seireki13ya“FemtoNovaSet Tour〜attofoe from DIGITAL〜Day8”

Monday, May 25th (JST)

20:30 – You’ll Melt MoreNani Twitcast

Tuesday, May 26th (JST)

21:00 – Rin (Burst Girl) &  Chintaku (Gokigen Teikoku)YouTube Live

22:00 – You’ll Melt MoreNerun Twitcast

Wednesday, May 27th (JST)

17:00 – Burst GirlShibuya Cross FM, Live Radio Broadcast

19:00 – You’ll Melt MoreChiffon Twitcast

20:00 – Melon Batake a gogo / The Grateful a MogAAAz – GOLLIPOP RECORD Earth Defense Headquarters Special Class

Thursday, May 28th (JST)

17:00 – You’ll Melt MoreInternet Autograph Session


20:00 – You’ll Melt MoreYounapi Twitcast

Daily Broadcasts

21:00 – Minna no KodomochanCinnamon Leisurely Live Delivery

17:00 – Gokigen Teikoku A Different Member Live Streams Each Day


Saturday, May 30th (JST)

20:00 – Melon Batake a gogo / The Grateful a MogAAAz – GOLLIPOP RECORD Earth Defense Headquarters Special Class

Sunday, May 31st (JST)

13:00 (part 1), 17:00 (part 2) – Zenbu Kimi no Sei daSOLO WORKS x ZKS

18:00 – ZEROST / Yaginuma / Dori☆Sute / Chemmy / Suzutan NekoiColony LIVE 1 “No Audience Idol Live”


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