50 YMM MVs Day 41: Haiku

Zettai-teki ni Kimi
To MV today.

Short MV, not long
A ballad with four girls
Sentimental tune.

Let us watch it now
Then we may discuss it some
Forty-one on our list.

In the studio singing
It’s a low key vid.

Ano sings first line
Kechon then takes the next one
The song then begins.

Producer walks in
explains the song to the girls
They seem to like it.

Younapi goes next
Chiffon counts the beat on time
Off to a nice start.

WTF is that?
Anime girl with big breasts
Ano smirks at it.

Mobile devices
Everyone enjoys an app
RPGs seem fun.

Commercial tie-in
The song is for a phone game
“Phantom of the Kill”

Now back to singing
Filters in front of the mic
help keep the sound clean.

Whoa that’s a huge book!
Girls, let’s review the lyrics
on the sheet right here.

Now the bridge is done
Let’s go to a big finish
Sing with all your heart!

Napi gets last line
Staff and crew cheer the hard work
The girls are gracious.

Now the MV ends
as humble as it began
A feel-good moment.

Please come back again
Only a few MVs left
What comes tomorrow?


50 YMM MVs Day 40: Gardening

There was an easier time this year where it felt like Ano & Younapi‘s graduation might be the worst thing to happen this year. Clearly, these days are long past.

I initially wrote this during the middle of lockdown. I had not seen the sun for weeks and everything felt unglamorous and detached from the passage of time. That’s a lot like what happens in DAHLIA.


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Catching up with DAIDAIDAI

I was at a party back in February, back when doing that kind of thing was normal and not a sign that you’re a degenerate who should be shot out of a cannon, and as is often typical of Fiancee when we’re gabbing with new people, she brought up this here fancy idol website and ol’ Maniac’s predilection for off-beat Japanese music. After fending off the requisite with “no, it’s nothing like BTS” and “nope, haven’t been and probably won’t” and the like, one person asked the most game question of all: What do I like best, and would I play it?

This of course was an agonizing question because, like, what do I like best, especially with a couple of quarts of beer in me, and how to choose an example? I obviously want to convert these people into fans, right? So maybe Hanako-san isn’t the best look. But what about … and I scrolled through my Spotify until I found the sublime MUDAI album and rapid-fire toured through tracks while explaining in terrible pop-culture terminology exactly what this madcap record is, and why there’s an idol group doing whatever that all is called DAIDAIDAI and that I love them so much it hurts.

Anyway! Yeah, they were on my follow list even during hiatus, so I’m not completely out to lunch with this stuff, though yes there were things I missed and if I honk a detail here or there you can call my lawyer, capisce? But this is otherwise me catching up with DAIDAIDAI the better to get them more or less updated on the site and happy in my heart again!

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50 YMM MVs Day 39: Training

We are back at it, still providing you with a daily exploration of one of YLMM’s multiple music videos. Today, we’ll be touching on Never Give Up Suiken, guest starring Rina Takeda, of Dead Sushi and Wakakozake fame.

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PassCode Answers the Question You’ve All Been Asking: What Would Bring Me The Horizon Sound Like If Covered by Idols?

Well of all the things that I definitely didn’t expect to run into yesterday, but did anyway, I think you can chalk up “PassCode covering a big-ass deal Western band and releasing a very Western-friendly MV to go along with it” as not only the winner, but also the closest I came to actually snorting coffee all over my keyboard since Covid-san chased me back to Maniac Mansion for work. Good job, PassCode! And also: Good job, PassCode! Your cover of “MANTRA” is right the hell on!

Original, for reference

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50 YMM MVs Day 38: Nocturnal

A bit of a flashback today as the next You’ll Melt More! video is for Watashi e (To Me), originally from 2015’s YOU ARE THE WORLD album but re-recorded here to promote their best-of album, MUSIC GO ROUND.

Appropriately, the lyrics for this song are a reflection on the past and convey a message from the group to their younger past selves.  The video shows the four idols out in the city at night and while perfectly pleasant, doesn’t give us much to talk about.

So this seems a good time to introduce…

The Homicidols.com “Win a Year of No Oshi Graduations” Contest!

You read that correctly, you have a chance to ensure that none of your favourite idols graduate for an entire year!  No other idol blog has offered you this opportunity before and frankly, it’s because they don’t love you as much as we do.  We have worked very hard over the past few months to arrange this wonderful prize for you, our beloved Homicidols.com readers.  And all you have to do to win, is to be one of the first ten thousand people to solve our You’ll Melt More! themed puzzle below.

Here we have the members of You’ll Melt More! at the point of their career that we have currently reached with our 50 YMM MVs series: Younapi, Kechon, Chiffon and Ano.  They have all just been to the ice-cream van, when a scary clown jumped out from behind a bush and went “Boo!” at them, causing them to drop their purchases.  About five minutes have gone by and now your task is to connect the idols to the not-so-frozen goodies and tell us whose treat has melted the most.

For details on how to enter and full terms and conditions, click here.  Good luck!


50 YMM MVs Day 37: Madchester

I have this mental image of  YOU’LL MELT MORE! and their staff sitting around a big round table with a turntable and giant stack of records, taking turns putting things on and spending time as a collective to listen to everything. With each new spin, they explore and consider genres that they have and haven’t tried musically yet…

“Hey, how about the Specials?”  “Well, we’ve played around with ska just a little already, but we’ll keep it in mind.. Maybe we’ll revisit a two-tone thing later.”  (Spoiler: They Do.) 

“Never Mind the Bollocks?”  “Arrgh that’s so obvious, let WACK have that one..

“Hope I don’t regret this, but what about the Grateful Dead?”  “Hmmm, y’know, a hippie thing might be fun, but can we get a little cooler than that?”

Then Chiffon reaches across the table, picks up a record, checks out the bright, vivid cover intrigued. It sparks a memory of YMM!’s bi-weekly movie night at Kechon‘s place….

“Hey, remember that one film we watched…. I think it was called “24 Hour Party People”?”

“THAT’S IT! Hallelujah!!!” 

And so YOU’LL MELT MORE! recorded the “Hippy Mondays” EP….. and became the first (and I’m pretty sure the only) idols to pay tribute to a brilliant but short-lived era of music born out of Manchester that promised to build an exciting new world of multi-cultural togetherness, but was ultimately doomed to implode under the weight of it’s own drug-fueled, self-destructive hedonism…

Pills n’ Thrills and Oddball Idols: Happy Mondays Influence You”ll Melt More!

Sandwiched between a feel-good pop-tune and an easy-flowing Hip-Hop number, the track “Yasumou” was the designated “Madchester” track on Hippy Mondays, and they nailed the vibe beautifully! It’s totally the lost baggy track from a Factory Records outtake where a group of hipster girls broke into the studio and borrowed Happy Monday‘s equipment for a quick one-off jam session. It’s just perfect! And check out the trippy-MV…

The video itself is a fun pastiche of all the classic Manchester tropes, from the trippy psychedelia, fish-eye lenses, and dancing like one can barely stay on their feet as a result of copious consumption of substances not meant to be consumed in bulk quantities. Also, a most-spirited award should go out to Chiffon, who looked like she especially had an absolute blast shooting this thing. You go!

This MV also puts Younapi‘s and Ano‘s rather (as Chris described them) impractical trousers (also seen in the previous MV), into proper context, along with Chiffon and Kechon‘s fashion stylings: You see, the Second Summer of Love had some bloody great music, but the clothes were ahhhhhhhh, well, they were what they were…. (shrug) 

YOU’LL MELT MORE! Wore It Better

Coming up soon! YMM! moves onto new genres, new styles, new hipster album cover references! We’ve got more to go and More Melting to do!!! 


Oink Meets World – PIGGS and Their Mona Lisa Smile

You’re one of the most legendary idol performers to grace the stage and everything is going perfectly and then your group disbands. So next, you’re one of the most legendary idol performers to grace the stage and everything is going perfectly and then your band disbands. So after that, you’re one of the most legendary idol performers to grace the stage and everything is going perfectly then you lose a diet challenge and leave your group. AND THEN you’re one of the most legendary idol performers to grace the stage and everything is going perfectly but then your group disbands. So finally, you say fuck it and decided to make your own damn group.

Everyone say “HALLO PIGGS”!

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50 YMM MVs Day 36: Freedom

Today it’s a You’ll Melt More! track so chilled that Younapi has to literally stand on an ice rink so show you just how chilled it is – Freestyle Zenbu (All Freestyle):

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50 YMM MVs Day 35: Annoyances

I was very worried when, in early 2018, You’ll Melt More! announced a best-of album.  For an idol group that had been going as long as they had, this is often a way to wrap up their career.  Maybe to counter that impression, they released an EP of new material on the same day: the HIPPY MONDAYS EP.  Naturally, they made an MV for every song on it and first up is Okoranai de (Don’t Get Mad).

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