Kerrie Reviews Things Sleepily: THE BANANA MONKEYS | “Goodbye, Hello”

Guys, I’m a dum-dum. Now, if you’ve been following this website for any period of time you’ll already know that, but seriously, I’m a dum-dum. Over an entire month since I announced this release (among other things) and still I waited, impatiently. “Aagh, when will they hurry up and start selling this EP somewhere other than their live shows? It’s not even on their website!”. Then reader and Friday Fun regular Chris dropped a bombshell on me:

“Why don’t you just get it on Ototoy you cretin?”

Ototoy. Of course.

Surprise surprise, there it was. Right there. The “September 10th” release date almost taunting me.

Well, whatever, this isn’t the first sleepy review I’ve written long after the actual release date. Actually, I don’t think any of my reviews so far have been on time. Kind of a downside of being sleepy, you see. Tiredness slows you down. And, on two days without sleep, I think now’s a better time than any to get this month-old draft out of the way. Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #100

Good morning! Well, we made it here. This is the 100th Weekender. I’d like to have something profound to say, but let’s be real: There’s no good point to it. Kerrie, though, in a side conversation the other day, summed it up when she said that she wanted her fill-in Fun to be #IdolIsBeautiful. There’s a lot of idol, both in the underbelly and right out there in the open, that’s a lot less than beautiful. But, at the end of the day, the sheer joy that idol can give you? The almost unlimited creativity that it allows? That really is a beautiful thing, and it’s been a hell of a journey to get here. Here’s to keeping it going.

Now, I did say that I was going to do a thing in honor of the occasion. The gist is, I’m not a collector of idol stuff and in fact sometimes make fun of others’ wanton collectioneering, and I’m not yet ready to part with some of the genuinely unique things that I’ve acquired by various means over the past couple of years. I am, however, going to part with a couple of particular items, and in addition to that do a very low-level creative thing. And that is why I’m temporarily backing off the full spectacle, because the creative thing isn’t ready. Instead, I think I’ll try to work it into the Best of 2018 stuff. Maybe it’ll be cool anyway!

At any rate, this is deliberately the biggest Weekender in history, as befits the occasion. Play the Fun, and then enjoy!

Congrats, I Guess

I can think of no better kickoff for a milestone like this than the star of the last thing to make it to 100 iterations, the ex-Co3, showing those chops:

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What the hoc going on with ZOC???

It’s funny, as much of an Oomori Seiko fan as I am, I haven’t paid very close attention to ZOC at all. I don’t know, maybe I need time for the other members to grow on me.

Or maybe I’m just a trash heap with a thirst for juicy drama because this sudden twitter fallout is the most invested I’ve been in their entire couple-weeks long existence.

Things are still a little bit fuzzy right now, but one thing we know for certain is Fin’s gone.

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We’ve Lost Our PASSPO☆

Have you ever felt what I’m referring to as “idol guilt”? My definition for this is when you like a particular group or idol a lot, but due to the sheer amount of competing forces vying for that idol/group’s attentions, you never really put forth the full support and backing the idol/group deserves? And then a terrible feeling sets in when this idol/group calls it quits because you feel like you failed them? Anyway, welcome to my relationship with PASSPO☆

While it was announced months ago, PASSPO☆ didn’t have their final concert (flight) until this weekend. Now perhaps they weren’t strictly “Homicidols” material, they were well-regarded on this site, and they most certainly literally rocked, at times performing some crunchy-good guitar driven pop tunes, often with a full band backing them, and occasionally as a band themselvesPASSPO☆ were terrific, and at times I felt like I slept on them more than I really should.I was discussing this with TEAM HOMICIDOLS and looks like we all share in this feeling a little bit, (sigh) so myself and Daemon each wanted to offer to some parting words. I’ll start… Continue reading

NECRONOMIDOL Are The Magical Girls We Didn’t Know We Wanted

You know what I just realised? The latest from Japan’s spookiest idols, VOIDHYMN, is dropping two days before October and just over a month before Halloween! Genius! Well folks, now you know what soundtrack to use for any upcoming Halloween parties you might have, you can thank me, Ricky and NECRONOMIDOL later.

But first, watch their new MV!

I feel like a lot of the music videos I write about on here could just be described as “Well, that escalated quickly”.

Ah, nice. A bright shiny MV for one of Necroma’s brightest, shiniest songs. Wait, tentacles? Mysterious figures? Death? The Dark Girl Sentai are back!

Really liking the new magical girl look they have here. Lately, with that overseas fandom money flooding in, their music videos have gradually been getting flashier and more ambitious, making Necroma MV time always a new experience. I can’t wait to see what they’ll bring next if they keep this strong momentum going. But for now, VOIDHYMN out on the 29th, buy it, refresh your Halloween playlist that has only been Spooky Scary Skeletons on repeat for the past five years, entrust your life onto our new magical girl overseers etc. etc.

Even though Strange Aeons was already released as a single earlier this year, this music video has made me really excited for what’s to come on the 29th.


Your Homicidols Weekender #96

Hello friends! I’ll keep the intro to a minimum; there are lots of people, including people we care about, who are either right in the path of monstrous natural disasters, or they’re feeling the effects. Idol can be a nice palliative in tough times, but I daresay that a lot of people just don’t have the option right now. If you have been and/or will be spared the worst, consider a donation to the relief organization of your choice.

Do It to It

Somebody get BURST GIRL the hell away from Instagram filters:

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Let’s Do Round 2 of the mistress’s MV Resurrection Series Together

Well, “resurrection” may be a strong word in this case, given that the mistress was more Psylocked into existence than anything else, but I digress. We remember the disbanding, and then the announcement, and the first MV and feeling like, hey, this thing could do a thing, let’s see where that all lands, and then hey look today it’s time for the second installment!

Or, more correctly, all of the second installment

Again, where the heck did the mistress* suddenly acquire the cash to do ~competent CG in their video? I realize that a crafty intern with the right software and a free afternoon can do quite a bit these days, but have you even seen the usual degree of creativity in these things? It’s pretty much exactly like what the the mistress members** do in this MV, except applied to the graphics and stuff. Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #95

Man, what a terrible week. I usually like to be forward-looking and optimistic once Saturday rolls around, but the past seven days included a massive typhoon and then a massive earthquake in Japan, no shortage of celebrity deaths, a news cycle gone completely haywire and, because why not, we’re currently soaking up some of the remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon in the National Capital Area and may yet be facing down Hurricane Florence next week. We’re starting autumn off right!

That said, while it’s still plenty summery out there for many folks, and just feeling like summer is a good excuse to eat ice cream and visit a beach and pound beers with hamburgers, yes, I’m personally preparing myself the ever-exciting autumnal months ahead. Football? You bet! Breads and stews and stuff? Out of this world! Cider? I brew my own! There are three fun-time seasons of the year, and of them autumn is the best thanks to its combination of indoor and outdoor options, plus a whole mess of awesome holidays. And if/when you’re looking at indoor prospects, there ain’t nothing finer than digging into some good music and ever-plucky idol styles.

So get yourself started with the below, take a few minutes to play the Fun and think ahead to the good times waiting right around the corner.

Somebody Tell This Idiot That It’s Still Summer for Two More Weeks

We won’t be calling sugartrap by that name for much longer:

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Here’s Who Oyasumi Hologram Will (Partly) Be Touring the USA With

How excited were you to learn that Oyasumi Hologram was crowdfunding for their two-week American tour in November? I just about fell out of my seat, and I was on a large couch at the time! Yes, one of the literal best things in idol was confirm going to be coming West, and not just for a one-off performance or long weekend, but long enough to do put on some solid gigs and make the most of their time in-country. The exact character of the tour remained a mystery, though.

And then, last night, we got a big-ass chunk of that exact character spelled out:

How neat! So confirmed shows in San Jose and San Francisco, between Nov. 1-4, and with this TORIENA person to boot!

Who’s TORIENA? This is TORIENA: Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #91

Good morning! This week’s Weekender is coming to you late and kind of short because that’s what air travel allows sometimes, amigos. On the bright side, this incredibly long — and meaningful, and impactful, and educational, and emotionally investing — trip is finally wrapping up. In a few hours’ time, I get to get back to something approaching normalcy. Woof.

So let’s all have ourselves a nice idolly time. Play the Fun, join me in roundly applauding the great help that Team Homicidols provided in holding things down over the past week and change, and look ahead to what I hope is a really well and truly great week ahead.

Oh Yeah, That Is Short

DAIDAIDAI on the cover!

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