A Friday Fun Full of Talent but Also Egos

Twitter are still being utter turnips, so here’s the link to last week’s hashtag and some highlights:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #81

Happy Saturday! You’ll all have to forgive me the lack of typical Weekender exuberance; I’m writing this in the aftermath of seeing my favorite current band put on one of the most singularly intense, celebratory, violent performances I’ve ever encountered. And that’s to say nothing of the (very good!) other bands on the bill. Just … if you can catch Code Orange, do it, preferably while heavily armored.

Let’s get down to business then. Did you play the Fun yet? Are you prepared for the first real weekend of Calendar Summer? Are you as impressed by the sudden very good run of idol as I am? Is it possible to ask too many mostly rhetorical questions?


What Pony says:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #79

Happy Saturday! After yet another mercifully under-control week from idol, it’s a good time to take stock — idols are touring (relatively) all over, releases just keep getting better and better, and that general malaise that I thought I felt a little while back? Completely idiotic! Not everything is great news, obviously, but net positive movement is net positive movement.

You guys should have a net positive weekend, too. The Weekender is a good way to start, and of course you should go play the Fun, but you know what? You deserve even more. Team Homicidols has some really cool stuff coming in the next couple of days, so maybe you’ll need to look beyond idol for your positives. Chill with friends! Eat a nice meal! Complete that dark ritual meant to destroy us all! Whatever works!

That Was Ominous

PASSPO fans, your flight attendant idols are being canceled:

Here’s amiinA doing the virtual reality thing:

While we’re on the topic of dream idols, can we pause for a minute to admire sora tob sakana?

You should just let this Tentenko list play over all of your weekend activities:


You may enjoy additional Shuuengo Buppan live:

Here’s the full version of that PassCode MV:

C-Style live:

Second album coming from sugartrap!

Pretend all day that you aren’t excited about the There There Theres one-man; I won’t believe you at any point:

I have very mixed feelings about the new look from Bonnou Paradox:

New Koutei Camera Girl Drei:

The no-longer-PiGU No Surprises has a disturbing lack of Keikarin:

Well done, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da:

GANG PARADE posters:

It’s never not weird seeing Momoiro Clover Z as a quartet:

I really wish that this new Yanase You track were more site-suitable; fortunately, everything is Weekender-suitable!

Every now and again, I am left completely put off by a You’ll Melt More! effort:

The hell?

All right, this is pretty cool:

So 969 is awesome, and it sucks that they’ve only done one MV in well over a year of being re-formed:

Here’s all of Oyasumi Hologram’s new album, live:

Buy this xoxo EXTREME record for your favorite Maniac:


I couldn’t be more excited for Minna no Kodomo-chan’s album release:

Yup, Osaka Shunkashuto still got it:

CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL is now releasing song lyrics that remind me more of a Fugazi joint than anything idol:

Have a great weekend!

Make It a Very Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Kind of Day

Hey! It’s time for the rollout of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s sixth(!) single!

You know how this works. They say “it’s available for two hours” and everybody else says “yeah but HTML” and we all look around because nobody wants to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Continue reading

This Friday Fun Is about Ginning up Controversy

Hey everyone! Thanks for giving us your suggestions for future articles on the site! We’ll be back with a brand new image and lots of ads for diet pills and mail-order brides next week!

Oh, WACK. Always an inspiration for Friday Funs. My honest-to-god New Years resolution for 2018 was “tone down the Watanabe memes” and, honestly, I’m kind of failing.

Well, good thing WACK was only the inspiration for this Fun and not the overall theme, isn’t it? Continue reading

Oshi Digest #20: Sinigami

As Maniac sees to the real year end/beginning stuff, Oshi Digest is already late, so let’s get it out without further ado!

Oshi is back in Japan, obviously, and her human birthday (which you can keep tabs on via @sari_birth, which is also the name of the most terrifying event in the history of the cosmos) is approaching. This means tribute, and respect, but mostly tribute. When even Hanako-san herself is making art for you, you are going well for yourself:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #56

Good morning! I don’t know about anybody else, but I just had one of the hardest weeks imaginable, just work-addled and stressful and barely coherent. Last night, I went to a holiday party that ended pretty early, only to get home and almost immediately pass out. Delicious. And next week’s only going to be worse! In fact, I’ll say it now: It’d be super if nothing of consequence happened.

Because! Let’s call today the last chance to add any final Best Of nominations (it’s not looking good for additions, tbh), so we can prep for real-deal voting next week. I’d like to throw in a few wrinkles but may simply be left out of time. So let’s get down to it — if you haven’t yet, play this week’s very good Fun, and then settle in for one weird-ass week in idol.

How Weird Was It?

It was so weird …

Someone got down to the driving force behind the effective end of Ladybaby:

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The Friday Fun for Correcting Incorrect Corrections

Hi all! Well, on with the intro, let’s take a look at last week’s… um, what was the theme of last week’s Friday Fun again?

Jeez, I really need to get some sleep for once…

I was having some fun a few days back seeing what would happen if I typed WACK names into my phone and how my autocorrect would interpret them: Continue reading

Crank It up, RIOT BABY!

And speaking of idols that I like to look in on every now and again, do you guys remember RIOT BABY? I always find myself wondering what they’re up to. Ever since arguably my favorite-ever post title, they’ve been kind of quiet (and gained a member!), which I guess will happen when the average age of the unit is 12 — you’re pretty much doing gigs on the weekend, and not all the time at that.

Well, damn it all, they unleashed upon the world another MV for “Let’s Go”, which I don’t know is a new single or just one of those let’s-build-some-popularity moves, and bless them for it.

Thanks PIH!

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More from DAIDAIDAI, Please, Forever

Well, today’s been a fairly heavy one (though I think I’m going to stay on the DEADLIFT LOLITA thing for a while yet), but some of the best and simultaneously most unsung work in idol is still happening, and now would be a great time to crank it up to 11 and rock out.

I speak, of course, of DAIDAIDAI:

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