Your Homicidols Weekender #8

Christ on fire, what a ridiculous start to 2017. I don’t think I wrote anything that pissed off anybody, and it was still a record-breaking week for number of posts and total hits. Thanks, I guess? We can all look back on it with fond memories when we get into June and like nothing interesting is happening besides “hey look at this live video GOD SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING TIF’S STILL MORE THAN A MONTH AWAY.”

Our first graduation of note (yay!) for the year was Sawada Risa, who left Alice Juban / Kamen Joshi on Monday. Now who’s going to carry that enormous … butcher’s knife? on stage at PARMS?

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The Next Two-hour Zenkimi Window Has Begun

Wow. “Loser Gospel.” Be still my heart.

There’s some serious idolcore happening in here. No harsh vocals, but it doesn’t need them. As usual, will keep the updates running after the jump. Continue reading


My Heart (Pochicon) Breaks a Little, But All Wounds Will Heal

I missed it the other day, but my latest New Favorite Thing in Heart ni Pochicon (as I have been advised to call them) is in a bit of disarray: Fuyu (you may know her by her cigarette and bulldog expression) is heading to the hospital for some R&R.

Ordinarily, as examples like Yasui Yuuhi have taught us, when an idol goes on hiatus for health reasons, it’s often an elegant way of moving them out of the picture until they can be quietly graduated without fuss or muss. Fortunately: Continue reading


Here’s the Present and Future for petit pas!

This morning, we had the absolute displeasure to wake up to the news that petit pas! was going to dissolve in September, with very little detail provided by the group or management. A few hours later, though, there’s plenty of information: Continue reading


I Have No Goddamn Idea What This GLTOKYO Video Is All About

You’ll have to forgive me on this one: I was cruising through Idol 2.0’s Dominant Dolls playlist and saw this (completely) new (to me) entry from GLTOKYO, to whom I had previously been somewhat dismissive, and I thought I’d give it a whirl.

If you’re patient, you get:

  • What sounds like a Slipknot tribute at DEAR STAGE
  • The members turned into RPG characters
  • The RPG becoming the real world
  • Zany violence
  • And more!

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What the Hell Is Happening with Bakuon Dolls Syndrome?

Jul noticed this last night, and the Google translation isn’t very good, but it sounds like something bad-bad-bad happened related to Bakuon Dolls Syndrome. I would very much appreciate any help translating this:


この度、BDS recordsは、月城ひまりがAS企画に所属するにあたり、月城ひまりから長年の信頼・信用を損なう偽言、背任行為を受けました。


BDS records代表
Murakami Hirokazu

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They Do Let Our Kind into Things Like iCON DOLL LOUNGE

I’ll just go ahead and admit that I had no earthly idea what this was and why it was a big deal on Twitter over the weekend, but it actually looks like a lot of fun.

Apparently, iCON DOLL LOUNGE is a fashion show / performance event that has idols strut their stuff in what might be seasonal fashion wear, then tear it up on stage. I’m still trying to see all who was there, but this past weekend’s event featured a whole bunch of site favorites, including the beloved PassCode and personal favorite that all you tasteless fools don’t heed well enough Bellring Girls Heart. Continue reading


Adopt-An-Idol Update: For Real This Time

When last we left #AdoptAnIdol, our young friends in Poroporo Baroque were just getting their feet wet, having a small performance despite not yet having an official debut. In fact, they’re still assembling. And because there wasn’t much to use, I decided to call a hiatus to our pilot and reboot after some consideration. Continue reading


Just to Show You They’re Serious, TIF Invites Trouble Back on Stage

A few days late to this party, but the Tokyo Idol Festival (a cesspool of scum and villainy) has been releasing its schedule so far. Here’s how I reacted to some of the news as it came out on Friday.

See, TIF is kind of a big deal. Like, the biggest idol festival. The one that can catapult you to national, even international, attention. It’s no place for the kinds of ruffians that inhabit this domain. Continue reading



See, I’m calling it that because I’m mad and it’s a recap of why I’m mad. Get it?

Okay, so the Corenament final. If you read this, you probably saw me get first suspicious, and then actionable against what I thought was probably some kind of voting bot or script. I was cryptic about it at the time, but I’ll go right ahead now and say that it was voting for Babymetal and Deathrabbits.

In the case of the former, I’m guess because of the huge Kamen Joshi influx that happened earlier that day. Unfortunately, that was earned and trackable, as we watched the announcement go out in real time from highly socially connected members of the group and their friends; it’s almost even more amazing that they didn’t get many times more votes than they did, but I think the language barrier was an issue.

In the case of Deathrabbits, well, the Deathrabbits Army has been a constant presence since we started this whole thing. On one hand, they did ultimately get actual management support, which likely got out a good number of fans; on another, they have Western fans, too. I used to suspect that somebody was up to no good — they’d get voted up really quickly sometimes, or in spurts, the kind of behavior that makes you scratch your head if you’re used to looking at website numbers. I think what happened today was the person/s responsible saw that BiSH had made another move (which I can also track fans-wise) in the afternoon and panicked.

Look, this is stupid. It’s a stupid game. There are no rewards or consequences. The fact that the idols involved, some of them, are now even aware of its existence is a miracle. The only reason I put it together was for us to have fun. So in that respect, should I even care all that much? No. And that’s why I decided to let it ride itself out when I first started to talk about what I detected and did the hard reset on the polls; I called something of a penalty audible and made sure to alert the offending parties’ favorites that this was happening, giving them another chance to engage with fans and the like. From there, it could have worked itself out cleanly.

And it nearly did. You may have seen my remark around 11:30 that things were happening, but they looked legit. At that time (I should’ve gotten a screen capture), BiSH was in the middle of a steady game of catch-up against Deathrabbits, and Babymetal was getting many more votes but couldn’t make up ground against Kamen Joshi because, again, they were organized.

I guess those situations were a little too tough for somebody/ies, because the final 15 minutes were like a panicked rush of votes for Deathrabbits and Babymetal, in the latter’s case so out of their pattern for the whole Corenament that I almost couldn’t believe how brazen it was. Like, Reddit never picked this up. It was almost all direct traffic at that point … or somebody or something refreshing, getting around the cookies and repeatedly voting.

So. Does it matter? No. Is it for fun? Yes. But your fun doesn’t trump others’, no matter how much you might care about it, and I was up front that I wasn’t going to tolerate these kinds of shenanigans. It’s not my fault that you didn’t listen.

Advancing to the final: BiSH and Kamen Joshi. That’s actually a pretty good match-up, and I have a curveball in mind to maybe make it even cooler.

Not advancing to the consolation match: Babymetal and Deathrabbits. Babymetal actually just plain lost to Kamen Joshi (again, organization). It wasn’t in the spirit of the competition, but I can’t go asking every person for their motivation, so it’s not particularly fair of me to assume that what I take to be widespread preferences are universal. Deathrabbits, on the other hand, actually probably could have beaten BiSH straight-up, but were twice just today and at least one time in the past the beneficiaries of what is at best suspicious behavior.

Advancing to the consolation match: PassCode The Spunky and Screaming Sixties. It’s not what anybody expected, probably, but I’d prefer to crown a #3 and they’re both good candidates, so why not. [Ed.: Forgot who beat who for a second.]

I’ve said enough about this. It’s not about you and it’s not about me and it’s not about your favorite or mine winning or losing. It’s about whether we can just play a nice, clean game together. No different than a game of Go Fish. If you still want to complain, please don’t. If you have non-complaining questions, feel free to ask, and I’ll be as transparent as I feel I can be.