Maina Junkies, See Your Girl’s Acoustic Set

Literally don’t even ask me how I found this one; maybe it started with this tweet, all I know is that I put it away hours ago to revisit later and right now I’m super tired because I just enjoyed the ever living Christmas out of finally seeing Bad Religion.

But if you love Maina from Osaka Shunkashuto, you need this (skip ahead a couple of minutes).

Crank up your VPNs and proxies, cuz this sucker’s blocked

Via Caleb: No longer blocked!

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A Homicidol Super Group Has Formed: Meet NATASHA

I still can’t believe this, and I just watched Pour Lui sing “primal.” live while all of the other BiS auditioneers watched like awestruck schoolgirls.

Seriously, brace yourselves. This is like the sum of all fears.

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Here Are Some Highlights from the Sekigahara Idol Wars

Man, you guys are getting loaded down with awesome free concert footage lately. First glimpses at Idol 2.0’s work, and now the Sekigahara Idol Wars have been putting up an absolute ton of sets from this past weekend.

Until the tweets started to fly last week, I’d never even really heard of the Sekigahara Idol Wars, but it’s clearly a lot of fun and maybe kind of a TIF precursor (and more on TIF coming up soon!). While there were plenty of “regular” idols performing, some of our favorites joined in on the fun and showed why we care. Continue reading


The Osaka Shunkashuto Horrorshow

If you’re aware of Osaka Shunkashuto, you know that this feisty bunch can rock out like they mean it and dance like there’s no tomorrow, powered by one of the finest young lead singers in the business. You might also be aware of the fact that they flamed out in the 2016 Homicidols Corenament like it was basically their job, but that’s okay — it doesn’t make them any less legit.

What follows here is a real treat. Back when Soezimax was their driving creative force, a Shukashun video was something to behold, massively creative and loads of fun. But when the group was signed to Fujiyama Project Japan, all of their really cool old content was scrubbed from YouTube, leaving only the official singles as video options. And that isn’t quite as fun, because those early Soezimax-produced joints were downright amazing.

Here’s their very first, “Dawn of My Lifetime,” in all its mad glory, courtesy of Idol 2.0.


Just to Show You They’re Serious, TIF Invites Trouble Back on Stage

A few days late to this party, but the Tokyo Idol Festival (a cesspool of scum and villainy) has been releasing its schedule so far. Here’s how I reacted to some of the news as it came out on Friday.

See, TIF is kind of a big deal. Like, the biggest idol festival. The one that can catapult you to national, even international, attention. It’s no place for the kinds of ruffians that inhabit this domain. Continue reading


Osaka Shunkashuto

These girls rock.

I can remember all too well the first time that I heard Osaka Shunkashuto (also spelled “Syunkasyuto,” confusingly), and it’s because I was trying out a new standing desk at work and was incredibly uncomfortable, so I let YouTube choose me a playlist from some of my idolcore favorites, and that song right there rolled in around the middle of the second hour.

One, how had I managed to have not even heard of this group before, what with their well-produced sound and super distinct style and goddamn amazing videos and sweet baby Moses these are serious-ass rock songs why? Two, why is it suddenly quittin’ time and I haven’t gotten anything done since lunch?

Yes, Osaka Shunkashuto is, to put it lightly, a ton of fun. Their music is highly energetic, they dance their asses off and Maina, the lead/pretty much only singer, has a voice made for performing in front a full arena. Just to give you an idea of what they’re bringing, here’s their official video from TIF 2015:


As Tokyo Girls Update put it, they went into TIF as virtual unknowns and walked out as legends.

Pretty much ever since, Osaka Shunkashuto has enjoyed burgeoning popularity, with two mini-albums being released between November and December 2015. It’s probably only a matter of time before they start to invade the Oricon weekly charts, and then hold on to your butts, because these are literally high school girls now, and their future is blazing bright.

And here’s the kicker: They’re only about two years into this after starting as a dance unit that this sort of multimedia mad genius who goes by Soezimax discovered and started to produce. His eye for film and ability to make a tiny budget go a long way is why Osaka Shunkashuto has long-form videos like these: that were really awesome and featured the members fighting zombies and mobsters and even had (gasp!) English-language versions but have since been taken down from YouTube because that’s the kind of fun thing that dies first when you sign your way out of the indies.

You should really like Osaka Shunkashuto if you like things that are good.

What they sound like

These are straightforward rock songs; unlike a number of other rock idol units, there are few J-pop-typical melodic patterns, and they really are rocking out pretty hard. Or, come to think of it, they’re not that dissimilar to a lot of the K-pop stuff that caught on over the last few years — funky, groovy, swinging.

You’ll like them if

I had a really convoluted answer to this question before I decided to simplify it. I mean, do you like real-deal pre-grunge rock bands? Especially if you remember when people used to actually dance to rock music? You’ll like Osaka Shunkashuto.

Entries on the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist:

“C’mon!” is very good, but most of Osaka Shunkashuto’s older Soezimax-era videos have been scrubbed from YouTube, so we’re left with “only” these:


Maina (leader/center)
Maina, the leader from Japanese rock idol group Osaka Shunkashuto
Anna from Japanese rock idol group Osaka Shunkashuto
Mana from Japanese rock idol group Osaka Shunkashuto
Eon from Japanese rock idol group Osaka Shunkashuto
Rina from Japanese rock idol group Osaka Shunkashuto
Yuna from Japanese rock idol group Osaka Shunkashuto
Runa from Japanese rock idol group Osaka Shunkashuto


“Dawn of My Lifetime” (single)
Ms. Chameleon Girl (EP)
“C’mon!” (single)
“Babycrazy” (single)
“Shine” (single)
“Let You Fly!” (single)
“Hachihachi” Live! (EP)
Early Season (album)


Does Anybody Want a Crack at Reviewing Osaka Shunkashuto’s Album?

Like, I haven’t heard it yet, and everything I’ve seen so far says to buy it the old-fashioned way, which means that I won’t actually get it for weeks yet, and it’s probably about time to say something about how friggin’ awesome a singer Maina is again. And new songs? Pretty please.

Anyway, if you have/have heard the album and have some interest in submitting a review, shoot me a line.


Oh Holy Shit, Osaka Shunkashuto’s Got an Album Coming … Tuesday! UPDATED

I feel a little ashamed of myself for not knowing this before, as I love Osaka Shunkashuto quite a bit, but I see via Pure Idol Heart that not only has the group joined the Fujiyama Project (as of October), but they’re releasing an album on Dec. 22.

Here’s a nice reminder that Osaka Shunkashuto is worth your time:

Fujiyama Project is kind of new, but they’re no joke: On the Sister Site That Is to Come, we’ll have several Fujiyama signees, including the delicious Niji no Conquistador and sora tob sakana, and there are some additional B-list idol groups on the roster so far. Osaka Shunkashuto will no doubt contribute to their growth, especially in the rapidly growing work of rock idols.

UPDATE: And now like all of Osaka Shunkashuto’s official videos have been either scrubbed or privatized on YouTube, presumably because of the album release. That’s a shame. We want to be able to be their fans, Fujiyama Project! They’re a lot more than “C’mon!” etc.! Just look at the cover photo on this post!


Very Cool Track from Osaka Shunkashuto UPDATED

It’s not an album (yet) and it’s not a new single and it’s like two months old at this point, but here’s a previously-unknown-to me-but-definitely-a-released-single song from personal rock idol faves Osaka Shunkashuto:

Honestly, what is this song even doing? I feel like I’m watching Solid Gold with my parents and it’s 1982 and a heretofore unknown soul singer is making her big national debut and is about to go platinum before succumbing to a nasty heroin habit and dying at least a full decade too early, spawning a drawn-out tribute process on VH1.

That was kind of involved. But it’s a good song, no? Honestly, it sounds like soul. And that’s great. Soul music is good music. But it sounds so much like soul that it has to be a cover, right? Like, Osaka Shunkashuto does a ton of covers, and this is one, right? They didn’t just drop a soul song?

UPDATE: Holy shit, that’s one of their singles?! I didn’t know I could love Shukashun any more than I already do, but damn.


Who’s the Next to Break Through Here?

I’ll be really liberal in what “here” means — I think it’s pretty much everything outside of traditional J-pop markets, so pretty much all of the Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia … even most of Asia.

Anyway, music dissimilarities aside, who’s the next Babymetal? Who has the right combination of sound, production, look and management to genuinely crack the non-otaku market and find themselves with a viral video hit or buzz-worthy festival appearance?

The only other qualifiers for this discussion are:

  • Must be idol. The no-bands rule that applies to the site still applies here.
  • Must be homicidol. Alt groups are fine. Idols that did one kinda-rock song are not.

Here are my personal nominees. Feel free to add your own in the comments among all the rest of the arguing, and we’ll work up a nice pool to vote from.

  • PassCode — Given the success of Skrillex and Prodigy, there’s room for a heavier version of EDM. Plus, PassCode is on a pretty steep uphill trajectory right now, so they could catch on with more of the post-Babymetal-curious crowd and have a single take off. I have to think that regular J-pop fans would give them a lot of support, too.
  • Ladybaby — They’ve already done standalone U.S. shows, and the “Nippon Manjyu” video was kind of a thing there for a while. I think they’re much more likely to burn out than make it, but stranger things have happened, and they’re practically tailor-made for certain people in the hipster set to pretend to like for a minute.
  • BiSH — Just name association gives them a leg up, as they immediately got hold of the ex-BiS fans and aren’t a complete unknown among the non-Japanese. Their sound and rather curious visual presentation would make them a surprise hit at a lot of festivals. It also helps that a few comments I’ve picked up from/through them make me think that WACK does have an eye on at least North America.
  • Fruitpochette — They already got a little bit of attention in the Great Babymetal Excitement of 2014, with Metal Injection and Metal Sucks throwing some blog action their way, but it’s kind of amazing that they haven’t broken through yet on the strength of The Crest of Evil, and they never may. Possibly seen as too weird just by name; what if they went back to Frupoche and let everybody think they were French-Canadian? And, just for what it’s worth, they do that tour-relentlessly thing that can give legs to a small breakthrough.
  • Mugen Regina / Haloperi Doll–I could see either of the Life Is Sweet Music sister groups catch on in Europe in particular, where symphonic/melodic/progressive metal with female vocals are more welcome. Haloperi Doll stands a puncher’s chance in the thrash-and-growl Americas.
  • Osaka Shunkashuto — There’s just something about this all-rock, all-fun group. They dance their asses off, Maina sings like Joan Jett gone idol and they have a ridiculous sense of cinematic drama to help drive the point home; if only Americans weren’t averse to rock music anymore …

As a disclaimer, I had POP as a possibility at first, because “pretty pretty good” struck me as the kind of song that could catch on in clubs and eventually find its way onto the airwaves, even without the raw virality that something like “Gangnam Style” had, but now they’re showing signs of going in a seriously denpacore direction, and while that’s cool, it’s not likely to catch on in the West.

So there are seven nominees! To make the process even more scientific, please begin to argue in the comments or on Facebook, invite your friends to share their ill-informed opinions, and tell me all about why I’m missing the boat on Band Ja Naimon! or UnderBeasty or something. I’ll put together a real-deal voting poll after we get some good results.